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difficulty 1/4 (easy)   easy, mainly flat
difficulty 2/4 (easy some climbs)   easy, some climbs
difficulty 3/4 (moderate)   moderate with climbs
difficulty 3/4 (strenuous)   strenuous or 3+ hrs
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3.9 miles
difficulty 3/4 (moderate)
Pubs One of our most popular walks following part of the Dartmoor Way along the river Ashburn.
Bowermans Nose
2 - 4.5 miles
difficulty 3/4 (moderate)
  Enjoy spectacular views from this magical place where a hunter with his pack of hounds (Hound Tor) were turned to stone!
3-9.5 miles
difficulty 3/4 (moderate)
Pubs Superb walks from this bustling Market town exploring the stunning beauty of this part of Dartmoor.
5.4 miles
difficulty 3/4 (moderate)
Pubs A delightful walk from this picturesque village to Tottiford Reservoir.
Buckfastleigh Holne
6.5 miles
difficulty 3/4 (moderate)
Pubs A very popular and scenic pub-walk to Holne on the edge of Dartmoor
Castle Drogo
4 - 6 miles
difficulty 3/4 (moderate)
Pubs Three delightful walks near Castle Drogo,Drewsteignton ,ideal any time of the year!
3.2 +
difficulty 3/4 (moderate)
  A popular tourist attraction in the heart of Dartmoor
3 - 10 miles
difficulty 3/4 (moderate)
  Many delightful walks around Dunsford & Steps Bridge including the famous Daffodil Walk
Elephants Nest
Peter Tavey
5.4 miles
difficulty 3/4 (moderate)
Pubs A most enjoyable pub walk from Mary Tavy to the famous Elephant's Nest pub
Emsworthy Mire
  1,8 miles
  difficulty 2/3 (moderate)
  Two easy walks through this stunning nature reserve known for its magnificent display of bluebells.
3.6 - 7.4 miles
difficulty 3/4 (moderate)
  Enjoy a peaceful forest walk around a trout filled reservoir & explore a prehistoric landscape of mysterious stone circles and rows.
4 - 5 miles
difficulty 3/4 (moderate)
  During the bronze age Grimspound ,made of granite blocks ,enclosed 24 hut circles,suggesting a milder climate and an abundance of trees. Two popular walks.
3 - 5 miles
difficulty 3/4 (moderate)
Pubs There is much more to Haytor than a steep climb to the Tor and back again! Two very popular and fairly easy walks in search of a lost village.
Hembury Woods
2,9+ miles
difficulty 3/4 (moderate)
  Two delightful walks through this ancient oak wood and along a most enchanting stretch of the river Dart - a key attraction in Victorian Times!
4 - 8 miles
difficulty 3/4 (moderate)
Pubs A walker's Gateway to Dartmoor.
Two delightful walks with dramatic scenery following part of the majestic River Ern
2 - 7 miles
difficulty 3/4 (moderate)
Pubs A delightful walk to Wheal Betsy ,an old copper mine,across stunning moorland using well maintained footpaths and green lanes.
3 - 7 miles
difficulty 3/4 (moderate)
Pubs Very popular walks from a very picturesque village into a most unspoilt and dramatic part of Devon 
Mary Tavy -
Brent Tor Church
5 - 9 miles
difficulty 4/4 (challenging)
  A delightful walk to Brent Tor,with its church on top of a hill
7 miles
difficulty 4/4 (challenging)
  An invigorating but most enjoyable walk from Lustleigh to Manaton & Hunter's Tor
(War Horse Country)
4 miles
difficulty 3/4 (moderate)
Pubs A great pub walk to Meavy and Burrator Reservoir with spectacular views of a dramatic landscape featured in the film 'War Horse' 
4 - 5 miles
difficulty 3/4 (moderate)
Pubs Moretonhamstead ,gateway to Dartmoor,is an ideal town for walkers to explore the lush edge of the moor.
New Bridge
2 - 6.5 miles
difficulty 3/4 (moderate)
Pubs Near Ashburton, a most picturesque place for a paddle in the Dart or a picnic along a tranquil river or a long hike through a romantic & scenic landscape.
North Bovey
5 miles
difficulty 3/4 (moderate)
Pubs North Bovey is one of the most idyllic villages in Devon. It is quite isolated and ,perhaps because of this,the village has retained its original charm. An excellent pub walk!
7 - 7 miles
difficulty 3/4 (moderate)
Pubs Popular pub walks to Okehampton Castle Belstone.
4 - 8.5 miles
difficulty 2/4 (easy)
Pubs A popular and varied forest & family walk with lots to see:bronze age stone & hut circles,a clapper bridge & Bellever Tor
3 - 5.6 miles
difficulty 2/4 (easy)
Pubs Princetown offers the walker spectacular views of Dartmoor's almost volcanic landscapes.
Relive a railway journey through quarries
Shaugh Prior
4.6 miles
difficulty 4/4 (challenging)
  Explore a magical river valley, open moorland and the mysterious Dewerstone Rock.
South Brent
4 - 6 miles
difficulty 4/4 (challenging)
Pubs A great walk to explore Bent Moor & the river Avon following public footpaths and green lanes.- stunning views at the top
Sticklepath to Belstone
2 - 4.5 miles
difficulty 4/4 (challenging)
Pubs A most scenic pub walk along the river Taw to Belstone following part of the Tarka Trail.
South Zeal
2 - 7 miles
difficulty 4/4 (challenging)
Pubs Two popular pub walks exploring North Dartmoor
Tottiford Reservoir
2 - 7.5 miles
difficulty 3/4 (moderate)
Pubs On the edge of Dartmoor,great picnic walks around a peaceful reservoir where Time Team in 2010 made some unique finds.
Warren House Inn
5.2 miles
difficulty 3/4 (moderate)
Pubs Explore Dartmoor's old tin workings & the ruins of a medieval village
Widecombe in the Moor
3.6 - 7 miles
difficulty 3/4 (moderate)
Pubs Two walks from Uncle Tom Cobley's village with extensive views exploring Tors ,gift and tea shops and perhaps a pub!
Wistman's Wood
(Two Bridges)
3 - 4 miles  
difficulty 3/4 (moderate)  
Pubs A unique walk, with extensive views, to a prehistoric oak wood.