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 Advanced Tools designed to improve your Garmin maps


TYPWiz 6

Advanced TYP file Editor

Theme Editor

Creating & Editing Garmin Map Themes

MapUploader 6 (NEW)

Create Garmin (Nuvi) compatible maps


Create a TYP file from any IMG

TDB Editor

control & (un)lock Mapsource / Basecamp

POLY Editor

Create & Edit poly files

DEM Hill Shading

gmp2typ 1.3

Extract any TYP file from a gmapsupp.img or any img found on your Garmin up to 2gig in size.

Just drop any gmapsup-type img on to the GUI and it will extract the TYP file if present.

OS50 , OS25 & Mapnik Typ

Active Routing


Get some of the

OS 25,000 ,OS 50,000 or

Mapnik look on your Garmin or Mapsource.

Many Garmin TOPO 2012 maps offer active routing :
They contain the main cycle,hiking ,mountain biking etc routes which you can have highlighted.

We have created a map of all the hiking routes in Devon UK showing appropriate symbols for each route and overlapping colours when routes are combined.

For more information and a free download of Devon Hiking Map check out Active Routing

Garmin Undocumented

Check out our latest Garmin Findings

OSM POIs on Garmin Nuvis

Create your own nuvi pois from osm files using our new nuvi osm2poi
Includes Devon speed camera and pub POI files

. Download here...

Route Editor

Route Editor will take the pain out of creating Routing styles .Beta now available for download.


a gpx2img converter to give your routes or tracks a personal touch!

  • starting and finishing flag icons.
  • shows 1/4, 1/2 , 3/4 points
  • the beginning of the route can be a different colour so its easy to know where to start!
  • define you own route colour ,width of line and waypoint icon
  • much more...

Checkout & download ...

GUI file structure

Garmins POIs, ie speed cameras, are stored in a .gpi file.

Learn how to put them onto your car / bike satnav.

Learn about the gpi file structure, documented for the first time.

Download speed cameras for most countries in Europe.

Checkout here



img explorer

Exploring Garmin's IMG Format

Ever wanted to unravel Garmin's IMG file type but became daunted by its complexity?
Our most popular Exploring IMG Format will help you plot all the highways, polygons and pois in an IMG file and explain what can be retrieved from 'locked' TOPO files.


Quickly create a TYP file showing all the elements contained in your mkgmap style sheets.

more details


.If you want to create your own mp2osm converter click here for more information .

osm2GE (oms2kml)

This OSM 2 Google Earth GUI enables you to project osm files onto Google Earth.You can edit colours,opacity,widths etc.

OSM polygons, highways,cycle paths,paths,tracks,rivers,streams etc, 'as seen' on Google Earth - data is distorted for legal reasons.

Click here to download.