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Poly files are used by Splitter ; they allow you to select your own map area(s) more precisely.

Poly Editor displays all the polygons contained in a file. These you can edit separately.

Split using own poly file As show on Basecamp/Mapsource
Split using own poly file As show on Basecamp/Mapsource

Create your own poly files


  • Add a background and create your own areas : Go Background,Add Background
  • Picture shows Germany used as a background.
  • This poly file contains 7 areas.
  • Selected polygon is outlined in BLUE
  • A new area is created using the draw tool.
  • Click the + button to add to the file
  • Click the - button to remove the area
  • Click Edit to change the current polygon's shape
Custom Polygon

Import & Edit Poly Files

Import a poly file and change the shape of all the areas it contains

Import GPX files and save as a poly file

Import a GPX file and convert it to a poly file.

Create GPX files in Basecamp/Mapsource and import ( as a background) into Poly Editor.

Combine Poly Files

Select your poly files and combine them as one poly file.

Convert POLY to GPX

From the main menu go Tools,Convert to GPX.

Poly files with multiple areas: Select area then convert to GPX

Mapuploader 6

Adding Poly File to Mapuploader 6


Download Poly Editor