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Problems with TYP files

1) Some of my polygons are not rendered:

2) Some of my highways or POIs are not rendered:
  • It could be that 0x -- declarations in both the typ and lines or points file do not correspond - when defining hedges you may have used,say, 0x28 in the typ file but 0x something else in the lines file.
  • As before, find the nearest Garmin type match for your 'highway'
  • If you're not using mkgmap.jar then change the typ number to those reserved for cities, ie 0 x d00

You can check whether your img file contains your unrendered highway or POI by downloading img2typ.


download img2typ


Simply load your IMG file into img2typ and check if your highway or POI is listed.


If it appears in the IMG but not in the TYP then check your TYP file. If it doesn't get listed in the IMG then check your styles lines or points files.

Mapsource is not as forgiving as your Garmin and does not show certain types - ie if disused railways do not appear in Mapsource , despite your style settings, give them a number type reserved for paths. Some Garmin TOPO maps use the same trick.

Remember, if you change your style you need to recompile your osm file.



For more information


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Advanced Style Tricks

1) Show addresses, steep hills, hiking routes on your map -



style tricks


2) How to add an


address search


to your maps


3) Give polygons an outline as with OpenCycleMap


4) Much more


More Help with Styles


For style examples


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OS50 Type

  • This popular TYP file is an attempt to give maps the OS 50,000 look.
  • New version includes address numbers
  • Names of Cities,Towns Villages in different colours and fontsizes
  • Bridges & one way systems in urban areas are shown as well.
  • Style files are included for those using LATEST 2014 mkgmap
  • Style enables address searches
  • Tested for errors with mapuploader 6



os50 Style & TYP



Pleae Note:

OS50.TYP includes Garmin's extra polygons which only TYPWiz can read.

The TYP file works for all Garmin maps and mkgmap.




os50 UTF8 txt >


created in TYPWiz 6


OS TYP map

White background

Notice, white , NOT yellow, background. For those interested , polygon 0x4b has been set to level1 with colour = &FFFFFF ; all other polygons are set to a higher level.

White background on Oregons

Use the Setup --> Map --> Advanced Map Set up . Set Shaded Relief as : Do Not Show.

class="h3">Mapnik Style & Type

With this excellent type you can have a Mapnik look on your Garmin and Mapsource! The style does not enable routing but this can be remedied using Route Editor,


download here


Download the Mapnik Style from