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Route Editor 3

A simple GUI to create & edit your own 'routing' style.

You can also create styles specifically designed for pedestrians/cyclists rather than motorists.

What's new

  • Portable - works on all W7 / W10 pcs
  • Includes all routes found in 'lines' not just those linked to highways
  • Highlights type numbers which cannot be used for routing - see below.
  • Improved load and save options enabling backups of lines file.
  • Set Selected routes / speeds to a certain value to allow for experimentation and see the effect in Basecamp:
    ie what happens if all my speeds were set to the same value etc
    Go Tools
  • Option to backup original lines file

    Use CTRL A to select All
    Use Shift mouse click to select some
    Use CTRL mouse click to select/deselect one
    Use Esc to deselect all
Route Editor 3

Improved Route Editor 3
Highlights in RED types which cannot be routable

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Download Route Editor 3 for Windows


What does road_class mean?

This makes a line routable and can be part of an address search.

Class refers to Length of Highway, not to it's physical properties.= (ie muddy, tarmac)

  highways used for
0 most Local Traffic and Residential / Service Roads / Tracks / Paths
1 most Roundabouts
2 some Roads that connect within a Region / Province. Arteries from a Town/City
3 few Roads that connect large Regions / Provinces
4 very few Roads that connect Countries or Large distances, ie motorways / autobahnen
  • For best results add the ' --remove-short-arcs ' option when running mkgmap
    It ensures some tight turnings have been removed.
    Even for hiking modes Garmin's algorithm avoids routes with any tight turnings
  • It is important for routing to work well that most roads are class 0 and there are fewer and fewer roads in each of the higher classes.
  • Giving all highways a 4 road_class not only affects routing , it also overloads the section reserved for boundary nodes.
  • You can use mkgmap:road-class to override a class,ie increase or decrease it's value.

    ie : highway= trunk {set mkgmap-class=3}

What does road_speed mean?

0 3 mph / 5 kmh
1 15 mph / 20 kmh
2 25 mph / 40 kmh
3 35 mph / 60 kmh
4 50 mph / 80 kmh
5 60 mph / 90 kmh
6 70 mph / 110 kmh
7 No speed limit
  • . It is an indication of how fast traffic on the road is. 0 is the slowest and 7 the fastest.
  • This is not a speed limit and does not activate the maximum speed symbol on the newer Garmin car navigation systems.
  • You can use mkgmap:road-speed to override a given speed
    highway=secondary & contstruction=* {set mkgmap-speed=3}