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the only Windows App to create Garmin maps

 Check out  Mapuploader 5 

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how to upload
How to Create Free Maps Creating Contours
How to add buildings with mapuploader buildings on garmin maps

Picture on right shows part of a town with and without buildings , ie before and after adding the building file.

They were contained in a .shp file and converted to a .mp file.

Add the mp file to the mkgmap options file - see manual and click Create Map.

  • Create Maps from Openstreetmap data
  • Create routable maps with address searches
  • Add extra commands in options
  • Add Individual Splitter maps to main map
  • Add extra pbf/osm/mp files ie contours
  • Check TYP against style files
  • Check style files for possible errors
  • Partially install spltter maps
  • Comes with default syle

1) Give Style files a Health Check

MapUploader4 includes Style Doctor.

It has been written in response to one simple question:

Why are some of my lines , pois etc not shown?

  • Use or non use of 'continue'
  • Wrong use of routable highways
  • repeated entries

2) Compare TYP & Style files

The only software capable of directly reading and comparing TYP files - no need to convert a TYP to text!

  • Check for lines,pois etc found in a style file but not in your TYP file
  • Check for elements found in your TYP file but not in your style file