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Tired of 3rd party Garmin maps? It's time to create your own !

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mapuploader 6 creating a Garmin map  

France has been downloaded from Geofabrik and split using splitter

On right are listed all files in your current style.
Click to edit your style sheet.

Why maps can fail !

JVM memory

For larger maps and contours XPM 1024 is not sufficient.

However, some 32 bit PC's with 8 gig memory can not cope with xpm 2048 ! Trial an error is required ie perhaps 1100 .

On a 64bit W10 you MUST select java for 64bit else you will have memory issues


Not setting max-jobs can lead to problems.
Again, trial and error is needed. Try 4 then reduce number.

max nodes

With large maps reduce max nodes to 8 00 000.

DEM & Contours

MapUploader 6 LI enables you to create maps of every country with DEM and contours .

1) Download the correct Java version (Java 64 not Java 32 for W10 64bit)

2) Go Tools,Fix Registry Problem to solve issues when uploading map to Basecamp,Mapsource

Show Tiles with Clipped Contours

MapUploader 6/7 Full version

We no longer can support a full version of Mapuloader 6/7 due to its reliance on various external sources which are not designed for Windows 10/11.

Style 2 TYP 2.1

  • This new version creates a TYP file from ALL Elements found in Points,Line,Polygons and any files in a INC folder.
  • Just Click Create TYP
  • Tick if you wish the add mggmaps's tag as a label for each element
  • Elements are rendered using Garmin's default colours & patterns
  • Polygons can be rendered using a Mapnik style.

 Check out style2typ

Resolution Plotter 2.71

  Enabling smooth zooming in and out of maps

.Resolution Plotter
  • Plots resolutions and (overview / main) levels
  • See at a glance which element is plotted and at which level
  • Which elements are routable (green)
  • Which element includes a 'continue' (light green if routable)
  • Which elements,marked '?' , are not found in your TYP file
  • All TYP file points,lines & polygons are shown and reference to line number

» Download Resolution Plotter

With Mapuploader 6 unzip and add to plugs folder

» Read More


Poly Editor

Edit your poly files

» Read More

Important !

To avoid registry issues we recommend you install the test map:

go Tools,Fix Registry Problems and click OK when prompted.

This ensures future access to c:\garmin\maps where all maps are to be installed.

Routing problems with high speed roads

In Basecamp the 'hiking' option can produce curious results - see right. The shortest way seems to be the longest (A) !

If you add 'sidewalk' to your code you can 'force' it to join a primary Road by changing class and speed (B) .

highway=primary & sidewalk!=* [0x3 road_class=3 road_speed=4 resolution 22]
highway=primary & sidewalk=* [0x03 road_class=1 road_speed=1 resolution 22]

Use TYPWiz 7 to add sidewalks parallel to the highway.

no sidewalk with  sidewalk
  A no sidewalk B with sidewalk


Contours are created in .osm format and can be processed in style sheets.

Depending on your settings contour files can become extremely large.

We propose clipping your contour files

1) Select Tile(s)

2) Select your target folder : Contours,Clip Settings

3) Clip : Contours,Clip contours for selected tiles (f8)

4) When creating a map tick 'Existing Clipped Contours'


In splitter option add

--geonames-file=bounds/cities15000.txt # tile gets appropriate city name

Download file and place in /bounds

In a mkgmap option add

--bounds=bounds\ # download file and place in /bounds
--show-profiles=1 # adds elevation data to Basecamp when DEM has been selected

What's NEW

 Checkout What's NEW


  Manual for MapUploader 6 PDF
  Using Clipped Contours
  Style Tricks 5
  Quick Tutorials PDF> for creating maps with DEM and contours with MapUploader 6

Download Mapuploader LI

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How to fix java,registry & memory problems

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More features , Tricks, DEM

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