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Creating a TYP File for all Garmin Maps

IMG2TYP detects all polygons,lines and pois found in a Garmin Map (IMG File) and creates a unique TYP file.

  1. No TYP file? IMG2TYP creates a TYP file for every Garmin Map.
  2. Either drop the img onto the main window or use the File,Open menu option.
  3. It looks for all the polygon/line/point type numbers in an IMG and produces a TYP file - where posssible ,with matching FID and PID.
  4. IMG2TYP labels undocumented POI type numbers
  5. IMG2TYP finds hidden POIs not included in City Navigator TYP file
  6. IMG2TYP is the only software to create TYP files revealing the IDs of extra pois. This means you can add missing icons to some POIs, ie fuel stations & restaurants, using TYPWiz5.
  7. IMG2TYP produces TXT & TYP files compatible with all major TYP editors

  More info on extra pois   

 Info on latest POI TYE numbers
TYP file created using img2typ
showing POIs

Latest version 4.72:

Support for non default Garmin Map installations

 (scanned with Kaspersky , Avast & MalwareBytes) Windows 7/10
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Simply Download with NO JUNK attached!
   Secure Download IMG2TYP 4.72 (W10 compatible)
   Secure Registration of IMG2TYP
   Secure Download IMG2TYP manual

 See Tutorial on Youtube
How to start?  
Load 'test.img' : Go File --> ...test.img  

Setup version:Click on img file below the 'Exit'

Portable version: LOAD THE TEST.IMG (included) to see all the types in this file'

All polygons,highways and pois found in an img

NT Belgium without TYP file NT Belgium with new TYP file
Color Picker shows ID 0 x 0525 as Starbucks
Default CN Europe 2015 does NOT show this icon
Extra POI 525 with Starbucks Logo
edited in TYPWiz5