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TYPwiz7 , quickly changing the appearance of Garmin maps

TYPWiz 7.87 New Look

A new look makes it easier to navigate your icons :

  • Navigate using Cursor Keys
  • Coloured Text

Garmin has added various new features available on some of their latest devices:

  • Transparent Polygons
  • Outline Colours for text
  • An Unknown feature applicable to polygons but you can test it on your device.

How to brighten up dull colours on a Garmin device?

Some Garmins are restricted to 64 or 15 colour palettes

Garmin calls it a 16 colour palette,even though it only contains 14 colours + transparency!

If you have a device with 65536 colours it can also be used to make some pastel colours brighter.

Garmin 64 color palette

Select Palet

16 cols Garmin palette
These tend to be the dominant colours for most Garmin devices Notice NO YELLOW
TYPwiz7 enables you to convert your picture to a 16 or 64 palette!
Just click the Garmin 64 or Garmin 16 button .
64 colours:
Vivoactive, EPIX
Fenix 5,6,7
16 colours:
Forerunner,Fenix 3,Quatix
D2 Bravo 16,D2 Bravo Titanium

Secure Download NO JUNK ADDED!

Checked with major virus checkers.

Please notify us if your virus checker gives a warning so we can submit the program as a false positive!

W7/10/11 click here
You may have to refresh this page to see latest version
TYPWiz 7.87 LI includes IMG2TYP
This version allows you to save all elements . Lines,areas and pois > 6 are desaturated..
Do not overwrite original TYP file.
For PDF manuals see below.
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TYPWiz & Active Routing TYPWiz & EXTRA POIS

How to fix Permissions Issues

Depending on where TYPWiz7 has been installed, when replacing a TYP file in a gmapsupp, the system folder requires extra permissions.

Check out 'how to fix permissions'.

Use CTRL or SHFT keys to select & ESC key to cancel

Delete selected elementss

Give selected elements the same draw order

Give selected elements the same Font Style or Color

Copy selected elements and paste into a different TYP file

etc etc

Select more than one

How to set your preferred language?


Automatically show all languages contained in a TYP file on main screen

Single click to change preferred language

TYPWiz 7 Documentation

    !!! TYPWiz 7 What's New
  pdf TYPWiz 7 Unicode manual
  pdf TYPWiz 7 manual
  pdf TYPWiz 7 manual German
  pdf TYPWiz 7 manual en français
  pdf A Quick PDF GUIDE to TYPWiz
  pdf How to remove icons from a Garmin map
  pdf IMG2TYP manual


    TYPWiz TWZ to change a TYP's FID,PID & Codepage using command lines
    Style & TYP


Guide to Garmin's Color Palettes & XPM
 (colormodes and XPM code)
    TIPS for creating TYP files
How to Edit TOPO files - TOPO France V3   pdf in Google French - TOPO France V3
More information on TOPO France V4   pdf How to get Multi Coloured Polygons

TYP Files

Select Icons & Perform a Task

How to change Maps which have no TYP file?

before after Check TYPE number
before after check TYPE number
  • Load TYP file which comes with the City Navigator -> File , Open TYP from Basecamp/Mapsource

  • Tick 'type search box' next to Basecamp Icon and Search for Rail:

  • This gives me 3 options, only 2 are useful: 0x14 and 0x10C00

  • Create a TYP file with 2 identical lines for 0x14 and 0x10C00

  • Resave file and return to Basecamp . Clear cache (CTRL G 2x)


Fenix 5x Screenshot New PetternOption
Fenix 5x Screenshot
Changing colors on a Smart Watch
» More Info
Select Polygon / Line Patterns
Add your own favourite patterns

IMG2TYP with TYPWiz7