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An Advanced TYP Editor to give new life to a Garmin map!

TYPWiz 7 Quickly Changing Colours & Details in a Garmin map

Latest Version

Get TYP from a gmapsupp
  • Easily extract TYP file from any gmapsupp file
  • Added support for new colour outline file feature as found in latest TOPO TYP files
  • Various bugs fixes
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 W7/10/11 click here

TYPWiz 7.45 LI with IMG2TYP (June 2022)
This version allows you to save all elements . Lines,areas and pois > 6 are desaturated..
Do not overwrite original TYP file.
You may have to refresh this page to see latest version
For PDF manuals see below.
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TYPWiz 7 Documentation

    !!! TYPWiz 7 What's New
  pdf TYPWiz 7 Unicode manual
  pdf TYPWiz 7 manual
  pdf TYPWiz 7 manual German
  pdf TYPWiz 7 manual en français
  pdf A Quick PDF GUIDE to TYPWiz
  pdf How to remove icons from a Garmin map
  pdf IMG2TYP manual


    TYPWiz TWZ to change a TYP's FID,PID & Codepage using command lines
    Style & TYP


Guide to Garmin's Color Palettes & XPM
 (colormodes and XPM code)
    TIPS for creating TYP files
How to Edit TOPO files - TOPO France V3   pdf in Google French - TOPO France V3
More information on TOPO France V4   pdf How to get Multi Coloured Polygons


TYP Files

Can I get any TYP file from a Basecamp/Mapsource map?

Yes, you can!

Go 'File,Open File from Mapsource / Basecamp' and click Open TYP

How to change Maps which have a TYP file?

How do I change my existing map?

Select Icons & Perform a Task

Select more than one

Use CTRL or SHFT keys to select

Use ESC key to cancel

  • Delete selected elements
  • Give selected elements the same draw order
  • Give selected elements the same Font Style or Color
  • Copy selected elements and paste into a different TYP file
  • much more!

What are TYP files?

Garmin uses a TYP file to change:

  • the colours and width of highways and any other line
  • the look of all polygons
  • the overlapping order of polygons
  • the look of icons representing points

By editing a TYP file you can decide how your map looks!


before after

All Garmin maps with an existing TYP file can be modified to suit your personal preferences.

  • File,Open TYP from Mapsource / Basecamp

  • Select map and click Open TYP

  • Make changes and go File,Save
before after  

How to change Maps which have no TYP file?

before after Check TYPE number
before after check TYPE number

TYP to Theme conversion

  • Themes are used by City Navigator maps found in Garmin car / motorbike satnavs,like Zumos and Drives.
  • With TYPWiz 7 you can convert any TYP file to a theme .
  • Open TYP file
  • Save as Theme - see picture right
  • Copy kmtf file onto your device in : Themes/Maps
  • TYPWiz uses a 'filter' to match TYP type numbers with areas and lines in a Theme file.
    Go Tools, Edit Themes (CTRL T) - see more
New Pattern Option
  OpenTopoMap Theme on Theme Editor 3.1
Fenix 5x Screenshot New PetternOption
Fenix 5x Screenshot
Changing colors on a Smart Watch
More Info
Select Polygon / Line Patterns
Add your own favourite patterns

Changing Font Sizes

default no label small font
default no label small font

How to change Maps on your Garmin device

What else can I do with TYPWiz 7?


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