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Free Custom Maps for Garmin Watches

Color Palette

Most Garmin wearables today can show a maximum of 64 colours . However...

When creating a TYP file be aware that:

Yellow ,light green & light pink are difficult to see, and appear as white.

Very dark colours appear as black.

64 color palette

The most striking colours are :


There is however, no need to stick to a 16 color palette, as the other colours provide depth to a POI .

(Garmin POIs are often based on a 64 color palette)

Shades of grey

Even with a 64 colour palette there is only one shade of grey, which is quite dark.

With a bit of trickery you can produced lighter grey effects using a combination of white and grey

Polygons are ideal usiung the mesh or check filter in TYPWiz

Line Thickness

Line width defines the thickness of Garmin's line.

There is no need to restrict lines to a linewidth of 2 or maximum 3.

However, if you use a wide line width for all lines, the result can look very cluttered.

Our hiking maps use RED for public footpaths and have a width of 5.

Other paths have a width of 4 and are either BLACK or GREEN depending on the type of path.


Solid polygons require less memory and are therefore preferable to bitmap ones

Available Maps

Topo South West UK