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Free Custom Maps for Garmin Watches

Color Palette

Most Garmin wearables today can show a maximum of 64 colours . However...

When creating a TYP file be aware that:

Yellow ,light green & light pink are difficult to see, and appear as white.

Very dark colours appear as black.

64 color palette

The most striking colours are :


There is however, no need to stick to a 16 color palette, as the other colours provide depth to a POI .

(Garmin POIs are often based on a 64 colour palette)

Shades of grey

Even with a 64 colour palette there is only one shade of grey, which is quite dark.

With a bit of trickery you can produced lighter grey effects using a combination of white and grey

Polygons are ideal using the 'mesh or check' filter in TYPWiz 7

Line Thickness

Line width defines the thickness of Garmin's line.

There is no need to restrict lines to a linewidth of 2 or maximum 3.

However, if you use a wide line width for all lines, the result can look very cluttered.

Our hiking maps use RED for public footpaths and have a width of 5.

Other paths have a width of 4 and are either BLACK or GREEN depending on the type of path.


Solid polygons require less memory and are therefore preferable to bitmap ones

Available Maps

Topo South West UK