OSM Tools

Creating POIs from OSM data for your Nuvi


If your Garmin Nuvi allows you to customize your POIs, why not use the most up to date OSM data?

Use Geofabrik to download OSM data.

nuvi osm2poi is a simple GUI which enables you to select a category,ie speed cameras,schools,pubs etc and compile the osm information into a gpx file ready to be uploaded using Garmin's POI Loader.


  • Load an osm file to display all types of POIs
  • Select category,ie schools, restaurants,fuel,speed camera
  • Specify speed , proximity and sound file.
  • Click Create GPX
  • Use TYPWiz to create an icon . Go:
    Edit, Save as POI
    (must not be larger than 24x24)
  • Upload using Garmin's POI Loader



download free nuviosm2poi



download manual (pdf)


Devon POI files


Devon Pubs:Devon 600+ gpx


Devon Speed Cameras:


Devon Speed Cameras gpx


Changing the look of your nuvi map


Use TYPWiz 7 to quickly change the TYP embedded in your gemapsupp.img .

You can also create save a POI from your typ file as a bmp for Garmin's POI Loader.