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TDB Editor 3

An Advanced TDB Editor for Garmin's Mapsource/Basecamp

Features include locking or unlocking of maps,adding copyrights,(dis)abling printing etc

Garmin's DEM basemap which comes with many gps devices is pretty basic and blurry showing 3d features only if you zoom out !

It is a map of the world only showing you the important mountain ranges but totally blurring local height differences..

For a gps you need DEM files which come with most TOPO maps.

Fortunately, we can now generate our own DEM files based on freely accessible hgt data. Unfortunately, such maps cannot be exported to a gps without changing & recompiling the tdb file.

TDB Editor 3 checks for DEM files and adds DEM data to your tdb file.

This enables you to quickly and easily export 3d maps to your gps device :

  • Load your tdb file from the Product1 folder of your gmap
  • Use the new File option 'Save DEM Data'

Customized DEM on a GPS

Customized DEM on a GPS
clearly showing height differences
unlike Garmin's DEM map of the world


Locked Maps Detected

You can save your City Navigator Maps to your PC but your GPS device needs to be plugged in.
When you remove your device you get a 'Locked Maps Detected' message .

TDB Editor 3 enables you to lock your own maps on Basecamp / Mapsource.

See below for more information.

Locked map
tdb editor 3
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Download & Manual

   Secure Download TDB Editor 3.11 (W10 compatible)  

 Secure Download TDB Editor 3.11 portable

   Secure Registration of TDB Editor
   Secure Download TDB Editor 3 manual

How to Start

  • Unzip Torquay.zip
  • click install.bat to in stall map in Mapsource / Basecamp
  • Open torquay.tdb and explore
  • TDB Editor lists tdb files used by Mapsource for easy loading & editing.
  • Free version allows you to test out TDB Editor on a lockable map of Torquay .
  • See the effect of unlocking or locking a map, adding or removing printing options etc etc

How do I find a tdb file?

All Mapsource & Basecamp maps are controlled by a .tdb file..

  • From Main Menu go
    Tools --> Get tdb from Mapsource
    to show all tdb files

  • Select a tdb file
Opening a tdb file

Youtube : How to (un)lock maps & more

Control Mapsource/Basecamp Printing Options

Editing Printing Options   Showing Map Window
Editing Printing Options   With Map Window

How to ...