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FIT Converter 1.42

A very popular GUI for showing your activities & converting FIT files to GPX , TCX , CSV & KML

You can locate your activity files in Garmin/Activity . Connect your watch to the PC and copy the activities folder.

No need to rely on Garmin Connect to view your activities!

Fit Converter showing all blocks & data
Picture shows how Speed changes during a route.
Click on Lap Icons to see Lap Data
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GPX files cannot contain heart rate,cadence ,temperature, power.values

TCX files cannot contain temperature or power values but can include Course Points (turn left etc)

For some reason most Course descriptions in a FIT file have been limited to 7 characters - this must be device related as FIT files allow for much longer instructions.

Latest version 1.42

Version 1.31

Reading a FIT file

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