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FIT ConVerter 4.6 converting FIT files for free on your PC

Convert FIT files to GPX , TCX , CSV & KML

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How to save FIT as GPX

  1. Go File , Open FIT
  2. Use Openstreetmap option to check it out.
  3. Save as GPX
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Fit-ConVerter 4.60 Setup for Windows
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    Includes examples of FIT files
    FIT-ConVerter 4 PDF Quick Guide
  Health Data
Green battery level
Red battery level
Battery levels VO2max, Aerobic ,Anaerobic values etc
  • Convert all current FIT files containing routing data to GPX,
    TCX , CSV or KML (Google Earth)
  • Displays altitude, temperature, speed, heart rate, cadence , power & grade when available
  • Export data to spreadsheet (Excel) ,ie Click Heart , then File Export Heart Data
  • Shows Laps and lap data when included
  • Lap Data can be exported to a spreadsheet . File,Export Lap Data
  • Shows Courses when included
  • Shows min max of HeartRateBpm and speed data
  • See how your Heart Rate or Speed changes during the route
  • Display route data on Google Maps

Convert GPX / TCX to FIT

  1. Go File , GPX > FIT
  2. Use Openstreetmap option to check it out.
  3. Select a gpx file
  4. A FIT file is created automatically on your PC

Add Turn by Turn directions

  • All Turn by Turn Directions
  • Add Water , Food stops
  • Add 1/4,1/2,3/4 way points to a route
  • Change name of Course
  • Add labels , like street names
  • Make labels appear on your Garmin map
  • Requires Java: » Download Java

Editing and Adding Course Points

  • To add a new course point tick 'show nodes'
  • Load FIT/GPX/TCX file
  • Double click on a node .
    This brings up the Editor .
  • Select Course Point Type
  • Edit label name of point
  • Save . Go File, Save Course Changes as FIT
  • When creating a Course FIT file any data apart from time,coordinates,distances and altitude is ignored.
edit course points

Fit file structure for Dummies

Want to know more about

converting FIT files to GPX ?

Check out : Fit File Structure for Dummies

Show Lap Data

  • Many FIT files contain Lap Data tailored to the Activity.
  • Click on the 'L' icon to reveal essential data for each lap
  • Press CTRL L to print out lap data.
edit course points

How to Add or Edit a Language File

  • Language .lan files are located in the \languages folder
  • They can be edited using any text editor, examples are Deutsch, Francais ,Svenska and Español.
  • Do not use UTF-8 characters
  • Feel free to change or contact us if you are willing to share your version
  • We suggest you load English , rename this file adding the extension .lan , ie italian.lan
  • Next, add translation after each =
  • in <Message> replace text with own translation. DO NOT change numberings and always add a colon (:) after the number .

How do I add Turn By Turn (TBT) directions to a FIT file?

  1. Load FIT file & Double click on a node and add TBT direction.
  2. Save as FIT .
  3. Course FIT files do not contain temperature ,heart, cadence, speed data.
    As a precaution, you cannot replace the original file.

How to easily and accurately create a FIT Course using Basecamp.

Only direct routing will create a gpx which contains multiple waypoints needed to create a FIT Course.

This is tedious and laborious. However, there is a trick:

Removing All Course Points

Go Course, Remove All Course Points

Remove selected Course Points

Right Click on a Course point and select Remove

FIT ConVerter 4 - Analysing Hidden Data

  • For developers, show data for all message IDs graphically.
  • Display undocumented data graphically - see picture - one of the many graphs created from 'unknown' message IDs.
  • As a result of being able to compare graphs it appears
    msg 104 field 3 is related to temperature
    msg 104 field 2 shows battery levels
Speed & Distance compressed

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Change the colours and bitmaps of Areas

Change the bitmaps of your Points

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