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TYPWiz What's New

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TYPwiz 7.85

TYPwiz 7.82

  • Automatically show all languages contained in a TYP file on main screen
  • Single click to change preferred language

TYPWiz 7.80

  • Some of Garmin's latest TYP files include polygons with levels of opacity, ie TOPO France V6 PRO,TOPO Sweden V6 PRO,Openstreet based Bike Maps.
  • Support for this feature has been added.
  • Notification of any future Garmin additions in a TYP file regarding polygons has been included.
  • Added T to indicate transparent night colours for polygons and lines
  • Garmin TOPO typ files often contain numerous 'empty' draworders the purpose of which is not clear. When editing a polygon draworders are sorted and this can take a long time. We've added an option to press the ESC key to exit the empty draworder sorting process.
  • In Settings/All Settings/Advanced tick Mark Alpha Polygons to quickly see which polygons have opacity,
  • Fixed error when borders are set to 0 and night colours still contain a border colour.
  • Various code improvements.
alpha polygons

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