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Topo France V3,V4.V6 Pro

Topo France V6 Pro

France V6 Pro lines

The latest TOPO V6 ( I0002387.TYP) has introduced extra colours in POIs which can be read by TYPWiz7. They appear not to be visible in Basecamp. They are also linked to tourism rather than business.

Here are some:

0x2900 Region
0x2B04 Resort
0x2C01 Park
0x2C02 Museum
0x3001 Police
0x3003 City Hall
0x6402 Building
0x6509 Geyser
0x650A Glacier


Download txt file and import into TYPWiz7 I0002387.txt

Topo France V3 Pro

Check out undocumented information about TOPO France V3

Topo France V4 Pro

Here are some findings regarding Topo France V4 Pro , the recent successor to TOPO France V3 :

For more information on Topo France V3 click here

TOPO France V4 PRO Spanish & Italian TYP file

It seems strange that both V3 & V4 TYP files only cater for English,French and German but not Spanish and Italian l

Download i0000c08 revised TYP file with Spanish and Italian Labels.

If you select Spanish or Italian on your GPS ,the labels should appear in either Spanish of Italian,not English or French!

Active Routing

It appears to support active routing for Cycle modes only -

Not only does the TYP file not include any lines for say hiking ,mountaineering etc, but even when adding the full range of active highways for hiking with the same type numbers as for cycling, none appear when selecting 'hiking'.

Cycling Tour Cycling  
Cycling Tour Cycling  
Mountain Biking

Using TYPWiz 7 the active routes have been made larger and each mode given a different colour.

When you set Basecamp to its lowest level , the active routing can be seen more globally.

In many cases, all modes of cycling seem to be following the same route.

Mountain Biking    

For more information on active routing click here

Extra POIS

Original TYP file TYP file with new extra poi
Original TYP file TYP file with new extra poi

There are no City Navigator Extra POIs, ie commercial pois, included in the TOPO France V4 eventhough the TYP file has not been cleared of irrelevant data concerning C N maps.

However,there is at least one extra POI which does not feature in the original TYP file, ie Campsite!

This seems to support the idea that extra pois need to be linked via 'normal' pois and cannot exist by themselves.

There may be more.


For more information on extra pois click here



Perhaps to reduce its size, Garmin seems to have dropped contours <50 m and only uses 0 x 10902 .

TYP File

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