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What are Extra POIs?

Many Garmin TOPO and City Navigator maps include numerous extra pois.

Example: Fuel

Older maps just have one symbol for fuel (petrol pumps)

With extra pois you can create icons for as many fuel companies you like:

Shell,Esso,Aral,Texaco etc

How does it work?

Each fuel extra poi contains a 'placeholder' or parent icon.

The 'fuel' parent icon = 0x11001

So, to change the font size and colour of your Shell,Texaco icon , you need to change the font size and colour of its parent icon , 0x11001.

Both are plotted, so make sure the parent icon is transparent.

How do I know if my map contains extra pois?

Extra pois need a TYP file - in TYPWiz 7 you can check the total below the Extra POIs icon.
However, the imgs might still contain extra pois, ie Australia & New Zealand CN even though the TYP file does not show any pois

With img2typ 4.2 you can also track ALL the extra pois contained in the TOPO.

Can I add extra pois to my map or even edit them?

You can , IF your map contains extra pois.

City Navigator TOPO maps contain references to many extra icons WHICH ARE NOT IN THE DEFAULT TYP FILE! It seems Garmin charges companies to have their logos added to a TYP file ; the img maps already include the information!

In our fuel example, CN Europe 2015 does not contain icons for Shell,Texaco JET etc

With TYPWiz 7 you can create new EXTRA POIs, ie add new logos.

CN 2020 with default TYP file CN 2020 with modified TYP file
CN 2020 with default TYP file CN 2020 with modified TYP file
Extra Pois with larger text

Topo V6 maps

Many include extra pois as seen in in their TYP files. However, the imgs do not contain extra pois for Fuel,hotels etc, so adding such POIs will have no effect.


There is one exception : the 2012 Test TOPO for Germany


You can use the latest TYPWiz 7 to add extra pois and see its effect


Extra Fuel POIs created using latest TYPWiz 6
Extra Fuel POIs created using latest TYPWiz 7

How do I add extra pois/logos?

The following list might be useful

ID 1 2 3 4 5
  Holiday Inn Best Western Ramada AGIP ALLGUTH

ID 6 7 8 9 10
  Aral BP Esso Jet Shell


Create a new Extra POI , give it an ID and add a picture - Save

Almost 100 Extra POIs in a small part of a city in Germany.

Finding the correct ID number is quite tricky. IMG2TYP will reveal ALL POIS and their IDs so you can edit them an a TYP Editor like


TYPWiz 7

Showing All Hidden Extra POIs
Showing All Hidden Extra POIs