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MapUploader 6 What's New

Version 6.05

When creating Contours douglas-peucker values are correctly saved for future use

When creating Contours show text value is saved

Version 6.01

1) Many visual improvements making it easier to access certain options.

2) Clip Contours without having to create a map

3) New Clipped Contour icon

Once selected click on a tile to create clipped contours

4) Fixed issue when in certain circumstances contour osm files where not processed

5) United all memory related factors in settings, ie memory,maxjobs and max splitter tiles

6) Download .hgt files direct from STRM website ; you need to select area, ie Africa,Eurasia etc

Note some of the .hgt files may not be on the official site

7) Display current memory ,max jobs etc settings on tiles ; click to remove.

8) Improved warning messages.