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Speed Camera GPIs for Garmin Devices

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Garmin GPI file structure

honda sat nav

We converted gpx files to gpi with image 48x48.! NOT 24x24

Extra gpi files have been added before uploading map.


  • Speed Cameras
  • Sainsbury Supermarket

Make sure the your gpx files do not contain polygons or tracks

gpx should only contain:

Latitude,Longitude and name

A screen shot showing customised POIS on a built in
Garmin car sat nav


The GPI file structure has not been documented but the following information should be sufficient to extract labels and coordinates from a gpi file and convert them to GPX,CSV etc

The gpi file ,similar to a tdb file, consists of a short header and a series of blocks each beginning with a type number.

The numbers generally reflect order of importance or categories,ie street name, name of town, telephone number etc

Most blocks contain a label, which is always found at the end of the block.

gpi viewer
speed cameras UK (GPI Reader)

Current editors of GPI files do not reveal all the data ( ie labels) contained in a gpi file

They are also subject to crashing out when they encounter an 'error'
Many editors add their own BMP icon! Not all data can be read if a file has been encrypted.


Header Lengths are variable - see below.

GPI Header
00 Block 0x0 ( if 0x03 is set an extra 4 byte pointer is added pointing to the main block from GRMREC )
  The following offets only apply if 0x03 is not set.
04 4 bytes pointer to first Category block
08 GRMREC followed by version number
10 Time in seconds + 1990

0x6 type block , just text, ie 6 bytes - see below

1E 0x1 type Block
22 pointer? 0x0c
26 POI
2c ? 48
2d ? 48
2e codepage
30 ? 00 00
32 0x9 block pointing to last 0x5 block and bmp if 0x34 is set - offsets are from the next block
34 bit 5 set when file includes bmp if so and extra 4 bytes are added at 3a
36 Length of data 4 bytes
(3a) Pointer to the last type
~3a/3e Pointer to next block
~3e/42 Beginning of text block
~40/44 Length of text


Two bytes make up the type number, always at the start of a block, followed by 2 more bytes. If third byte has bit 5 set an extra four bytes are added , often functioning as a pointer.

TYPE   Flag   Extra Bytes
00 00 00
00 00 08
00 00 00 00 00

Most blocks have a 2 letter language abbreviation ,ie 0x45,0x4E (EN), at the start of a text sub block; some do not when the start of a label is fixed . Such labels often represent less important categories, like telephone numbers,post codes etc.
Codes seen : EN , DE, RU

Text does not have to be terminated by a zero as we can ascertain its length by a two byte number.

Type data pointer to next block text flags length of text Text
2 number of bytes depends on type 4 2 2 variable length

Latitude & Longitude (0x02)

These are located in the data section ,each requiring 4 bytes; they are converted to degrees using Garmin's standard map unit.Off set from text block appears to be fixed.

Coordinates are only stored in certain blocks, ie 0x2 ,0x3,0x4 (given certain flags),0x8 , 0xC

They are not specific to certain blocks , so block 3 contains coordinates only when certain flags have been set.

Min Max latitudes and longitudes (0x08)

Boundaries are often found in block type 0x8 with offsets to the last block and the next block

BMP Block (0x05)

Found at the end, if present, contains bmp file - width and height at offset &hA - both 2 bytes, allowing for large bmp sizes, not just 24x24 .

We can point to a bitmap using a 4 byte numbers contained in the first main block at the beginning of a gpi file.

This block also contains the size of the gpi file from a given offset, the colour used for transparency ,bits per pixel and the size of this block mostly &2C

Speed & Proximity (0x03,0x09)

4 bytes are used to calculate the speed limit or proximity data.

Speed is converted to metres - hence the conversion of feet to metres is never accurate, ie 30 becomes 9 (30/3.281)

Alert Distances are also stored in 4 bytes at various offsets depending on type .

Proximity distances are calculated to metres per second, making them large numbers.

Divide 4 byte number by a given multiple , ie 1835408 to obtain kilometers.

The following applies to type=4:

if Offset 0xA has 4th bit set, the block contains no speed data.

If 0x0A has value 3 the block contains speed data.

Most blocks contain a byte which ,.when set , indicates existence of speed data.

Type numbers

It seems that if file contains a bitmap then even numbers are used.

No Bitmap

0x2 is used if file contains no bitmap;it contains coordinates and can include labels.

0x3 contains speed / proximity.


FIT to GPX/TCX/CSV converter

Fit Converter