Transition Checker 1.01

All transitions for ILS Runway 09L at Heathrow
  • Ideal for those just starting to fly simulators
  • Check out transitions for each Airport before you take off
  • Transition Checker provides all transitions for any available runway
  • Select an individula transition to see route and altitude contraints
  • When transitions are numbered , ie LPS1 LPS2 LPS3 ,MSFS2020 sees them as one transition :LPL - se below.
  • MSFS2020 at times adds an unlisted transition
    Transitions at Barcelona LEBL Transitions at Hamburg EDDH ILS 05

Download (available soon)

Transition Checker is designed for Windows 7 / 10 / 11

It is free from bloat ware and has been checked for viruses & malware

Download Transition Checker 1.01
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 W7/10/11 click here

Adding & Editing an Airport

Find the ICAO code for an airport & enter code in text below 'airport'.

Click Search.

If it has found the airport click 'Add'

In the list of airports on left click on your added airport to find any live traffic.