FSLTL LOG Scanner 1.01

Quick Guide

  • Analyses the logs from FS Live Traffic Liveries
  • See which AIG models are used
  • See which models were not found
  • Follow Flights from departure to take off
  • Follow Flights from Approaching runway to parking at gate
  • Unassigned Aircraft Parked by FSLTL
  • Much more
  • Free , Available Soon


FSLTL Log Scanner Screens

Double Click on Plane to view actual flight

Live Traffic & Simbrief Flightplan

FSLTL Log Scanner showing routes and live traffic
Route showing Real LiveTraffic which often matches FSLTL Traffic
FSLTL Log Scanner showing Simbrief Flightplan
Simbrief Flightplan Waypoints imported


9:20 at EGLL 9:40 at EGLL
9:20 am 9:40 am

This planes can be viewed and their progress followed on a timeline.

The Logs show several states before a plane is airborne:


  • Parked (Grey)
  • Prelim : plane is given SID (black)

    ie Speedbird 253M departs via CPT3F
  • Pushback and taxi to active runway (Green)

    Active runway for Logan 82WR is 27R
    Active Runway for Lufthansa 9U is 27L
  • Hold at runway (Orange)

    Notice : Virgin 3 to KJFK is still holding !
  • Depart (Blue)


  • Overshoot (Red)
  • Approaching (Blue)
  • Landed (Cream)
  • Shut down (Grey)


This is an example of plane from being enroute to landing at Gatwick

  • EZY72GL/8690 Enroute London Gatwick at 5875ft IFR, 25km remaining
  • EZY72GL/8690 Enroute parked by sim as close destination
  • EZY72GL/8690 Enroute London Gatwick at 4925ft IFR, 28km remaining
  • EZY72GL/8690 Approach 26L
  • EZY72GL/8690 Landed at 26L taxi to Gate 572
  • EZY72GL/8690 Parked at London Gatwick IFR destination
flight strips
flight strips


It appears that at airports ATC uses a mixture of a standard call sign followed by part of the flightnumber, ie

When departing DLH7KG has a call sign: Lufthansa 7KG

When en route the call sign appears to be Lufthansa 2292

This number is 'processed' in the logfile, if a number was found.

M Codes

These define how well an aircraft has been matched. Most of it is known.

Types: ie A320

Proper Flightnumber : Some flight numbers are generated using the plane's Registration Number.

Multiple Iatas :CFE - BAW

M Code Type Proper Flight Number Airline & Model Description Reg in Title iata
1 y y y y y
2 y y y x multiple
3 y y y x y
4 y x y x y
5 y y likely match x multiple
6 y y likely match y multiple
7 ? ? ? ? ?
8 dif subtype y y x y
9 x y y x y
10 x y y GA x y
11 y x General x y
12 x x General x y