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Postbridge Walks

clapper bridges & stones circles
1 hour walks
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Throughout the ages a narrow bridge across the East Dart made of granite slabs on the main road almost half way between Tavistock and Moretonhampstead caused many a bottleneck ;this lead to the emergence of a hamlet named after the bridge - no ,not Slabbridge (locals referred to slabs as posts).

The earliest Victorian maps show a 'temperance' hotel for teetotalers,various bronze age stone & hut circles and several footpaths . Today's forest seems to have been planted much later.

Pub: East Dart Hotel

Walk 1 Postbridge to Bellever Tor & Clapper Bridge (4.1 miles)

Bellever Clapper Bridge
Bellever's Clapper Bridge

An easy and popular walk to Bellever Clapper Bridge.

A From the Car Park enter Bellever forest.
It is difficult to imagine that ,a century ago ,this forest did not exist.

B Continue along the path to Bellever Tor,an area full of prehistoric interest. Unfortunately,during the Victorian times,it became a haven for 'souvenir hunters'.
You can skip the climb and follow a path to the left of the Tor.
There are several opportunities to explore prehistoric cairn and stone circles.

CAfter re-entering the forest you reach the hamlet of Bellever ,beyond which is another clapper bridge well worth seeing.

D The walk joins part of the long distance Lych Way ,an old route used for religious purposes linking Bellever to Lydford - click here to download Lych Way.

4.3 miles
1 hr 50 mins
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Point of Interest

Clapper Bridges
Stone and cairn circles
Bellever Tor


Car Park Postbridge

Walk 2 Postbridge & Cator Common (8.5 miles)

post bridge walk 2

A longer walk past Postbridge's clapper bridge following mainly public foot/bridle paths to Cator Common and returning via Sherwell and Laugher Hold house.

From the car park walk along the main road & across the bridge to a foot path on your right.

Caution: this walk crosses a river using stepping stones

Alternative Walk (5.1 miles)


To avoid the stepping stones you could follow the blue route along a country lane - see map.

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Car Park Postbridge

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Postbridge walk 1

Walk 1

Postbridge walk 2

Walk 2

 Walks near Postbridge:
During the bronze age Grimspound ,made of granite blocks ,enclosed 24 hut circles,suggesting a milder climate and an abundance of trees. Two popular walks.
Princetown offers the walker spectacular views of Dartmoor's almost volcanic landscapes.
Relive a railway journey through quarries.
A great pub walk to Meavy and Burrator Reservoir with spectacular views of a dramatic landscape featured in the film 'War Horse' .