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Help with GPX & KML

What to do with a gpx or kml file
1 hour walks
Dog / Pet Trackers  

GPS units are now placed in dog collars making it easier for you to locate your lost dog. The path made by the dog ,if shown on the device ,pc or mobile ,is a GPX file.

Ensure model has a large enough range to replace a bell and can actually locate your dog - some only track where your pet has been,not where it currently is !

For more information search 'Pet tracking'.


Check reviews before you buy for :

1) range
2) durability
3) water resistance
4) easy of use
5) battery life
6) subscription fees
7) weight and size of collar
8) number of dogs trackable

Why bother with GPX files


Anyone used to written instructions will find it hard to appreciate the value of a 'sat nav' for walkers .

True,it's more fun to unravel text or regularly consult maps than follow an arrow on a device.

However,if you are tired of going wrong because of missing signs/clues or unclear instructions,a gpx file on a mobile or gps device 'forces' you to take the correct turn at the right time ,useful particularly in forests and open fields.


Actual Written Instruction :

'Next,cross the field to a stile in small gap in hedge...'.

Which way?

How many of us have followed hedges just to locate a stile?

What is a GPX file?  

A gpx file contains points on a route. These points are just coordinates ,strung together by a gps device,and displayed as dots on a line.

When you switch on your gps you can see your position and that of the 'route line'.

You walk towards the nearest point on the 'route line' until you are on the route itself.

Without a gps you often need to 'get your bearings',particularly if you have parked away from the suggested parking area!


I have downloaded a gpx file - now what ?

Your gpx file contains the route of a walk.

It has to be unzipped - on a PC

Why is is zipped in the first place?

Unfortunately ,some browsers including IE ,when trying to read a gpx file if unzipped,open it as text ,which is very confusing.

How to unzip?

Once downloaded, right click on the file and select Extract All

How to view my gpx?

Programs Web based

Basecamp (Windows & Mac):website

Basecamp will show your gpx but it needs a map of the area.

We have produced a free map of Devon which can be downloaded and installed on Windows.

Once installed select your map named Devon2015 (Garmin calls maps products)


Search the net for Free gpx viewer

1) Maplorer:website

Click Browse and locate your gpx file then click View Profile

2) GPS Visualizer :website

3) GPX Viewer (Android)

Basecamp screenshot gpx viewer screenshot
  4) Open GPX Tracker (ipad iphone)
How to display KML files What are the best satnavs for walking?

Install Google Earth (free!)

When double clicking on a KML file ,your computer automatically opens it on Google Earth.


Search the net for Google Earth (FREE) ,then download and install.

For more information read this artcle here