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FREE Hiking Map : South West 2020
Devon,Cornwall,Somerset,Dorset,Dartmoor & Exmoor
1 hour walks

More up to date than OS maps!

Includes many newly created 'Public Ways' not found on OS maps.

Latest version:

March 26th 2020

Garmin Smart Watches

Our FREE OS-style map of the South West with Contours and Important Buildings has been carefully designed to maximise the potential of Garmin smart watches,ie  Garmin Fenix 5/6, Forerunner 945 & MARQ Series .

Public Footpaths , Bridleways and Cycle paths are clearly visible.

Contact us if you are interested.

screenshot Map for Garmin Fenix

Map with contours & key buildings
now available.

By popular request we have combined Devon, Cornwall, Somerset & Dorset into TOPO Southwest 2020

Each new version contains the latest road constructions and new poi information.

Topo South West 2020

  • Print out your own maps or use it on your Garmin GPS ! All FREE!

  • Maps are designed to prefer footpaths or tracks to roads when planning a route.
    Just select the Hiking (not Walking) profile on your GPS or Basecamp - see bottom right.

To print out maps from your desktop download Garmin's Basecamp first then install map.

basecamp & map of devon

Check out our Quick Guide to why you may want to consider a gps device.

  • routable - will calculate routes avoiding main roads.
  • address searches
  • with contours & DEM (3d shading)
  • shows stiles,gates,picnic areas etc
  • Includes Devon's footpaths , bridlepaths and tracks
  • important buildings are highlighted
Start of Abbots Way
Start of Start of Abbots Way,Buckfast Abbey clearly marked
  • ALL Hiking Routes routes are clearly marked, ie Two Moors Way,Dartmoor Way,East Devon Way,Templer Way etc
  • It's FREE - NO Login or Membership required!
Topo Devon
Maps for GPS in 3D!

Mac OS X

Use 3d gmaps - requests only

You will also need Garmin MapManager.

public footpath permissive path
  • Long Distance Routes clearly marked in RED
  • Some routes show Route Symbols,ie East Devon Way & Dartmoor Way
  • Public Footpaths / Bridleways are marked Green
  • When zooming out towns and villages are clearly visible
  How can I view this map?
  • Download Basecamp FREE from Garmin
    Basecamp is needed to show maps on desktops
  • Unzip & Double Click on topo-southwest-2020.exe
  • In Basecamp Click on 'Topo Southwest 2020' listed under 'Map Products'
  How can I install this map onto my Android Mobile/Tablet?
  • Until recently there was no easy way of showing garmin maps on your mobile or tablet.
  • Download version 7.4.22 or higher from, not the version from Google Store
  • After unzipping, place our topo-southwest-2020g.img onto:
  • 'oruxmaps/mapfiles'
  • In orux maps, goto Maps and select Offline
  • There are certain limitations but it does a decent job matching the original colours (TYP file)
Download map of South West for ORUXMaps only
How can I install this map on my Garmin GPS?
  • Download TOPO Southwest 2020 for Garmin device - see below
  • Copy it onto your SD card in \Garmin , NOT ON TO YOUR GARMIN DEVICE drive

Hiking Map of Devon , Cornwall , Somerset & Dorset 2020

hiking walking/pedestrian

On your GPS/Basecamp select Hiking profile when planning a route.

You may have to refresh this page to see latest version

Latest versions : March 26th 2020
showing ALL long distance routes

You are free to use this map for non commercial purposes.
© OpenStreetMap contributors

Download South West TOPO 2020

The following are designed for a  GPS/SD card only: 

Download Topo SouthWest 2020 for Garmin GPS Device

Mac Users: Please request a gmapi version

ALL files are scanned with
Kaspersky & Malwarebytes
and can be downloaded
from our secure site.