Exeter Green Circle

a circular walk around a Roman City
1 hour walks
green circle sign
Point of Interest

See Exeter's landmarks from a distance

This carefully designed circular walk around Exeter avoids major roads and follows old lanes, tracks, footpaths and some residential roads.

Some major roads will need to be crossed - most have a pedestrian crossing with lights.

If the distance of almost 13 miles is somewhat daunting , you may wish to only do part of it and use the bus to return to your starting point.

The route is well signed.

Follow light green arrow on white disc.

It seems to avoid pubs but one is worth mentioning on the outskirts of Exeter ; it is ten minutes off the main route.

 The Twisted Oak (Balls Farm Road)

map with green circle symbols
12.5 miles
tracks paths
main roads
0 %
altitude range
72 - 173 m
quality of track

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