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Exeter Woollen Trail

walking into Exeter's glorious past
1 hour walks

This short walking trail ,produced by Exeter City Council, explains how Exeter became such a thriving and wealthy city by the late 16th century.

Meeting Place for guided tours
Meet your Red Coats near the Abode!
Point of Interest Guildhall, St Nicholas Priory, Tuckers Hall, Old Exe Bridge, Exe Island,the Quay

The trail starts officially at the Guildhall,High Street and includes 8 Information boards dotted along the route - see yellow rectangles on our map.

It ends the far side of the river, however, our GPX route includes an interesting route to return to the Guildhall.

Exeter's popular RED Coats do free guided tours - check here for details

1 Guildhall Exeter Guildhall
2 St Nicholas Priory St Nicholas Priory
3 Tucker's Hall Tuckerss Hall Teasle for drawing out losse fibres
4 Exe Bridge St Nicholas Priory
5 Exe Island St Nicholas Priory
6 Quayside St Nicholas Priory
7 Warehouses St Nicholas Priory
8 Canal St Nicholas Priory


2 miles
1 hour
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parking Exeter Car Parks

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Exeter Woollen Trail

Exeter Woollen Trail