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Historic Exeter

an easy walk into a fascinating past
1 hour walks
Point of Interest

St Nicholas Priory , Quay , Roman Wall

These pleasant walks incorporate most of Exeter's key historic attractions.

Tea on the Green
more cream tea walks

Walk 1 (2.2 miles)

Exeter St Mary Steps


A Exeter Roman Walls

B St Nicholas Priory

CSt Mary Steps

D Quayside enriched by it's woollen cloth industry

E Cathedral

F Mol's Coffee House

Please note: This is generally an easy walk but includes steep steps.

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Walk 2 (3 miles)


A St Nicholas Priory

B Exeter Roman Walls

C Catacombs

D Mill Bridge and weir

E Exeter boat repair area

F Suspension bridges

G Quayside enriched by it's woollen cloth industry

H Cathedral

I Mol's Coffee House

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3 miles
1 hr 15 mins
altitude range
3 - 40 m
quality of track

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Fee Car Parks in City Centre

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Walk part of the 12.5 mile Green Circle and take the bus back.


Exeter Cathedral Close

Walk 1

Walk 2

Exeter from Map of Roman Devon (c) Pinns