Woodbury Common to Yettington

following Sir Walter Raleigh's footsteps
Woodbury Common
1 hour walks

This most enjoyable walk takes you near Hayes Barton,where Sir Walter Raleigh was born.

Hayes Barton,Walter Raleigh
Hayes Barton


Walter RaleighSir Walter Raleigh was born at Hayes Barton
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A very peaceful walk,mainly through tracks and public paths.

A Free Car Park but with a few potholes

B There is a short stretch along a fairly busy country lane.

busy crossingShort stretch along a busy road

C Hayes Barton. The house,dating from around 1470,is not open to the public but can be viewed from nearby.

View of Woodbury Common
View of Woodbury Common

D Most of the quarry is now disused. You are almost descending into a moon crater.

Map of Woodbury Common see below


6 miles
2.hrs 30 mins
altitude range
45 - 135m
quality of track
map of walk
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parkingCar Park on Bicton Common


map of Woodbury Common


Walk from Woodbury Common to Yettington

Woodbury Common Map

2018 Map of Woodbury Common

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