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Woodbury Castle
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Walk 1 (2.9 miles)Walk 2 (2.2 miles)
Castle & Heart of Common Castle & flying site for Model Aircraft

Woodbury Common is a popular place for dog walkers; there is plenty of 'space' and the views are quite spectacular.

Point of InterestWoodbury Castle
parkingCar Park Castle or on B3179

Walk 1   Castle & Heart of Common (2.9 miles)


This varied walk with extensive views follows well drained bridlepaths, tracks and clearly marked paths.

There are some steep climbs or descents.

You can walk through the castle, an iron Age hill fort, but beware of the high ramparts and deep ditches.

Park near the castle or on the road to Yettington.

Woodbury Castle


1 hr 20 mins
tracks bridlepaths
main roads
0 %
altitude range
97 - 176 m
quality of track
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Map of Walk 1

 Walks near Woodbury Castle
 Hayes Barton
This most enjoyable walk takes you near Hayes Barton, where Sir Walter Raleigh was born.
A very easy dog walk offering expansive views towards the sea across a gently rolling heath land
 Bystock Nature Reserve
Two delightful walks through his hidden gem of a nature reserve.

Walk 2 Castle &  flying site for Model Aircraft (2.2 miles)


Woodbury Airfield

An equally refreshing walk takes in a flying club with great all-round views.

It starts at a different Car Park.

There is one steep descent and tracks may become muddy after heavy rain.

The Walk

A From Car Park cross road to East Budleigh into a smallish gap in the hedge.

Soon , where the path forks take left fork.
Continue across the B3180 into a track

B Take track curving right and continue with wood on left until car park.

C Cross road into Woodbury Castle and soon turn left into a castle entrance with notice board explaining project to restore the castle.

Continue along steps and then cross castle diagonally right.

D Steep descent

E Entrance to flying site for radio controlled model aircraft.

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parking Car Park Castle off Road to East Budleigh

Map of Walk 2