Best Totnes Walks

along the river Dart
Totness & Dart
5 Mile Hikes

Best (pub & dog) walks from Totnes with markets in the Civil Hall Square every Friday and Saturday.

The name means a 'ness' (high land surrounded by a river) 'belonging to Totta .

Charles BabbagesCharles Babbage, computer pioneer, went to King Edward VI Grammar school in Totnes.
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Walk 1 Sharpham & Ashprington (6 miles)


River Dart near Ashprington

This superb 6 mile hike starts in Totnes and takes you along the Dart to Ashprington, returning mainly via country lanes.

Point of InterestWhat to explore?
    • Sharpham Estate
    • Village of Ashprington

The Walk

A The route starts at The Plains and follows part of the John Musgrave heritage trail - free download trail here .

B You can either take the foot path down to the river or continue along the old carriage way.

C Stretches from here can be quite muddy ; you may wish to rejoin the carriage way by turning right and following a path up hill.

D You may wish to return the way you came.

Both Totnes and Ashprington are worth visiting in their own right, enjoying good pubs.

main roads
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altitude range
1 - 141 m
quality of track


Map of Totnes Walk 1

Walk 1 to Ashprington

 Walks near Totnes
Four top scenic walks of different lengths exploring a region that has attracted artists, musicians and walkers alike.
 Berry Pomeroy
Two great walks from Marldon to Berry Pomeroy Castle through rural countryside which has changed little since the middle ages.
Great pub walks through a most scenic landscape to the famous Malsters Arms atTuckenhay.
Scenic walks from a most picturesque village along the river Dart.
Dartmouth with its narrow streets and ye olde buildings offers the walker many places of interest including the Boat Float and Castle.

Walk 2 Along the Dart (2.8 miles)


This very pleasant walk is a shorter version of the first walk and follows mainly tracks and public footpaths.

It joins part of the popular Dart Valley Trail .

There are no pubs en route as does not enter Ashprington.

Map of Totnes Walk 2

Map of Walk 2

Walk 3 To Dartington (4.5 miles)


Totnes & the river Dart

Another very popular walk from Totnes to Dartington & Cider Press following part of the River Dart.

Point of InterestWhat to explore?

Dartington Cider Press
River Dart wild life

Walk 4 Totnes Town Trail (1.1 miles)


Point of InterestWhat to explore?

Totnes Museum
Totnes Castle

Allow 1 hour. The trail includes

The Walk

A Fore Street (Totnes' main shopping street)

B East Gate

C St Mary Church

D the Guild Hall,

E North Gate and Totnes Castle.

Totnes Fore Street



Totnes Town Trail

Walk 4 l

Walk 5 Franklin Totnes Trail (5.6 miles)


Junction, Bowden Lane & FishChowter's Lane

Where Bowden Lane meets FishChowter's Lane

In 2017 an exciting & highly recommended 5+ mile trail was created by the Totnes Ramblers, called the Franklin Totnes Trail - see map .

It was named in memory of Edward Franklin who donated £100, 000 towards the project ; the funds have been used to make the tracks, footpaths and bridle paths more accessible during the winter.

trafficSome stretches along country lanes are subject to heavy traffic. Because of this, we propose the following variation (marked YELLOW). Take care crossing the A381!

Where Bowden Lane joins a busy lane , turn left (not right) and after 2 minutes turn right into a quiet lane and continue , crossing the A381, until you rejoin the trail at Tristford Cross.

The views are quite magnificent!

This ranks as one of the most exhilarating walks in the South Hams.

Walk 6 Long Distance walk to Buckfastleigh (8 miles)


Using mainly quiet lanes and public footpaths this pleasant walk via Dartington Cyder Press and Staverton connects the Dartmoor Way with the John Musgrave Heritage Trail.

More details

parking Totnes Pay & Display

Map of Totnes to Buckfastleigh Walk