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Sidmouth West with breathtaking views of the coastline
1 hour walks
Walk 1 (4.6 miles) Walk 2 (2.9 miles)Walk 3 (2.8 miles)
Mutters Moor & Jacob's LadderMutters MoorBulverton Hill

Three delightful walks near Sidmouth.

Point of Interest

Mutters Moor
Jurassic Coast Jacobs Ladder


Walk 1 Mutters Moor (4.6 miles)

Customs men used to look out for smugglers from the top of the moor while under their very noses Abraham Mutter and his donkey carted his contraband.

A This rewarding walk climbs steadily through forests.

B It crosses a small part of the Sidmouth golf course.

C It continues along the beautiful Mutters Moor at the top.

D After crossing the Sidmouth to Otterton Road,be prepared for some more stunning views of East Devon and the coast line.

E It follows the coastal path into Sidmouth,past Jacob's Ladder & the colourful Connaught Gardens,where there is a cafe for some refreshments.

Walk 1 
4.6 miles
1 hr 55 mins
tracks bridle,paths
main roads
0 %
altitude range
1 - 194 m
quality of track
map of walk 1

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Top of Bickwell Valley

Clock Tower Cafe
more cream tea walks

Walk 2 (2.9 miles)

This is an easy and very popular walk - see below right. If you want to smell pines,this is the one !


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Parking Top of Peak Hill Road towards Otterton

Walk 3 Bulverton Hill (2.8 miles)

This delightful walk steadily climbs up Bulverton Hill with splendid views of Core Hill towards Sidford and returns along a golf course.
Tracks in Sidmouth Forest are well maintained.

Bulverton Hill


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Top of Bickwell Valley

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There is one steady climb.

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Walk 1

Walk 2

Walk 3

 Walks near Sidmouth:
Tucked behind the Jurassic coast and on the river Otter,Otterton has become a favourite centre for walkers and hikers.
 Sidmouth East
A vigorous but rewarding walk crossing an ancient Pack Horse Bridge to the picturesque village of Salcombe.
 Town Trail
A delightful & easy walk exploring the towns past
This pleasant walk consists of a steady but easy climb through an almost alpine landscape with stunning views of Woodbury Common and Dartmoor - not surprisingly,the East Devon Way follows this delightful route.
 Salcombe Hill & Salcombe Regis
Enjoy a picnic with spectacular views of the coast and explore the famous Norman Lockyer Observatory where helium was first discovered.