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1 hour walks
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 Salcombe Hill Sidford & Salcombe RegisDonkey Centre
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Point of InterestJurassic Coast
Pubs Numerous pubs in Sidmouth
Rising Sun

Blue Ball Inn in Sidford
sidmouth cliffs

Walk 1 Salcombe Hill (3.5 miles)

This is a varied but quite challenging river and coastal walk to Salcombe Hill offering stunning views and an ideal opportunity for a picnic.


It follows public footpaths into Sidmouth along the river Sid, then climbs steeply up Salcombe Hill following the South West Coast Path.

Here it turns inland through a lush valley to Springcombe, where it heads West back to Sidmouth.

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2 - 168 m
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There is one very steep climb.

parkingSidgard Road

Map of Walk 1

 Walks near Sidmouth
Sidmouth Town Trail
A delightful & easy walk exploring the towns past
 Sidmouth West
Great walks combining forests, moorland and sea with breathtaking views of the Jurassic coast.
 Donkey Sanctuary
A short but invigorating family walk from the Donkey Sanctuary to the Jurassic Coast where in 2007 the Napoli ran aground.
 Salcombe Hill & Salcombe Regis
Enjoy a picnic with spectacular views of the coast and explore the famous Norman Lockyer Observatory where helium was first discovered.
This is a must walk if you are in this area - it will involve some climbing but views of coastline is breathtaking.

Walk 2 Sidford & Salcombe Regis (5.6 miles)

A slightly less strenuous but equally rewarding 5+ mile hike.

It initially follows the river Sid to Sidford , then crosses an ancient Pack Horse Bridge where it veers off into Knowle House estate - look out for the spectacular gates.


You return via the picturesque village of Salcombe Regis.

Caution :Take care crossing the A3052 to Lyme Regis.

busy crossingthe busy A3052 has to be crossed without islands. This makes the walk unsuitable for children.


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End of Primley Road

Map of Walk 2

Walk 3 Sidmouth to Donkey Sanctuary (7 miles)


A delightful but quite strenuous 3 mile coastal walk to the Donkey Sanctuary and its restaurant following mainly public footpaths.

It starts at the Esplanada, in Sidmouth.

The route to Salcombe Regis (no pubs) involves a few steep climbs.

From the Donkey Sanctuary you head towards the sea and take the south west coastal path back to Sidmouth (4 miles) - some stretches are very steep.

Alternatively you can follow the route you came via Salv combe Regis.


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