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All walks from Sidbury involve a certain amount of climbing but the views are quite spectacular!

The name means Fortification near the Sid

starting PointStart :Car Park, Ridge Close
Point of InterestSidbury, White Cross
Sidbury Castle
PubsRed Lion
parkingFree Car Park Ridge Close

Walk 1 White Cross (4.2 miles )



This pleasant walk consists of a steady but easy climb through an almost alpine landscape.

At White Cross the views of Woodbury Common and Dartmoor are quite breathtaking - not surprisingly, the East Devon Way follows this delightful route.

On return you descend into a rolling valley of an almost forgotten Devon, past Sidbury Castle, a large Iron Age hill fort.

4.2 miles
1 hr 55 mins
tracks paths
main roads
0 %
altitude range
54 - 233 m
quality of track

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Map of Walk 1

 Walks near Sidbury
Core Hill close to Sidbury castle contains some of the oldest beech pine and oak trees in Devon supporting a unique variety of lichens and fungi.
Great walks combining forests, moorland and sea with breathtaking views of the Jurassic coast.
 Donkey Sanctuary
A short but invigorating family walk from the Donkey Sanctuary to the Jurassic Coast where in 2007 the Napoli ran aground.


Walk 2 Sweetcombe (5.2 miles)

East Devon Way


This quite strenuous but enjoyable walk follows part of the well maintained East Devon Way towards Sweetcombe.

Sidbury is worth a visit for its charm and history.

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Map of Walk 2