Newton Abbot to Coombe Cellars Walk

1 hour walks

Coombe Cellars, where smugglers used to meet, where fishermen once stored their nets, where the Victorian author Sabine Baring-Gould set his Kitty Alone.


Now a popular pub and restaurant.

Point of InterestWhat to explore?
  • Coombe Cellars
  • Legends of River Teign Smugglers,
  • Estuary wild life
  • The old 'Templer Way'
parkingNewton Abbot, Haccombe Path off Shaldon Rd
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parkingSATNAV Milber Trading Estate Postcode:TQ12 4SG
Coombe Cellars

This pub walk to Coombe Cellars crosses an old rolling landscape with superb views of the river Teign.

Distance:3.4 miles


You can, when it's really low tide, walk the Templer Way from Newton Abbot to Coombe Cellars,

BUT , even with wellies, the walk turns into a tiresome trudge!!!

Teign Estuary

However, this pleasant walk descending to the magnificent Teign {'Teen'} estuary can be done at any time - no wellies needed.

The Walk

AFrom Milber Trading estate continue along Long Lane with wood on left.
Soon, turn Left onto public footpath leading into wood.
Follow footpath for 110+ m.

BWhere path forks, turn Right onto a track leaving footpath behind.
The track joins a hardened road, Higher Lane.
When you meet another lane, bear Left.
At T junction in Netherton, turn Right onto Cross Hill.
Soon , turn Left onto public footpath.

CWhere it joins a lane just before Mill Cottage, turn Right and follow lane heading East.
At crossroads, turn Left.
Lane joins footpath .Continue descending with wood on left.
Where footpath makes a right turn , either continue to river or follow public footpath – both will lead you to Coombe Cellars.

DEither follow same path back or take the other option mentioned before.

EContinue walking to the crossroads you visited before.
At cross roads, do not turn right but cross over & continue along lane.
At T junction with Cross Hill, turn Right.
Soon , turn Left into a lane.
After 75 m (1 minute), turn Right onto a track.
Continue along this track ( climbing steadily).

FAt the top with campsite on right, cross lane onto a public footpath.
Continue along this footpath – a steady climb.

1 hr 25 mins
tracks bridle/ paths
main roads
0 %
altitude range
0 - 105 m
quality of track

There is one steep climb.

Newton Abbot to Coombe Cellars Walk

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