Best Mary Tavy Walks

1 hour walks
Walk 1 (8.6 miles)Walk 2 (5.4 miles)
Mary Tavy To Brent Tor Mary Tavy To Elephants Nest via Peter Tavy

A perfect starting point for exploring the iconic Brent Tor.

Point of InterestBrent Tor , Jamaica Inn Film
parkingMary Tavy, residential
parkingSATNAV Postcode:PL19 9PE

Walk 1 Mary Tavy To Brent Tor (8.6 miles)


Brent Tor Church
Brent Tor Church of St Michael

This delightful 8+ miles hike climbs steadily out of Mary Tavy following part of the Dartmoor Way on the Brentor Road.

The Walk

A After 0.6 miles you turn off the lane onto a track.but rejoin a bit later

B Brent Tor & the famous Church of St Michael (where Jamaica Inn was once filmed) are surrounded in numerous legends.

C North Brentor. a charming village with a church but no pub.

D Tracks to Gibbet Hill are well defined.

E Cross the A386 to Tavistock at gates - no need to walk along busy road.

busy crossinga busy road has to be crossed.
Wheal Betsy

F The leaning ruins of Wheal Betsy, an old engine house, was used for mining.

G There is a footpath to Mary Tavy after Kingsett farm - however, after heavy rain fall this often gets water-logged.

As there is no shelter ensure it's not a rainy day when you start this walk.

8.6 miles
3 hours 20 mins
tracks bridle/ paths
main roads
0 %
altitude range
72 - 173 m
quality of track
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Map of Walk 1

 Walks near Mary Tavy
Best town walks through this ancient tin producing market town.
A delightful walk to Wheal Betsy , an old copper mine, across stunning moorland using well maintained footpaths and green lanes.
 Elephant's Nest
A most enjoyable pub walk from Mary Tavy to the famous Elephant's Nest pub.



Walk 2 Mary Tavy To Elephants Nest via Peter Tavy (5.4 miles)


Elephant's Nest

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Walk 2