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Garmin Search Categories

If you are creating your own maps AND need your searches to work it is important to ensure that you are using the 'correct' Garmin type numbering..

If you have hotels defined as 0x2e01 it will appear as a shop

If you have hotels defined as 0x6e01 it won't appear at all in your searches

The trick is to know the correct
TYPE number for each category

Check your own list in Basecamp or Mapsource

Go Find --> Find Points of Interest

Basecamp will only show the categories if it detects them.

  before after + 0x2E0B
Searchable TYPES for non NT imgs
0x100 - 0x1f00 Cities,towns villages
0x2000-0x 291f Regions
0x2A00 - 0x2A1F Restaurants
0x2B00 - 0x2B1F Lodging / Hotels
0x2C00 - 0x2C1F Amenities
0x2D00 - 0x2D1F Leisure
0x2E00 - 0x2E1F Shops
0x2F00 - 0x2F1F Services
0x3000 - 0x301F Official Buildings
0x5200 - 0x521F Scenic scenes / Tourism
0x5400 - 0x541F Sport
0x6400 - 0x641F Man-made
0x6500 - 0x651F Water Features
0x6600 - 0x661F Land Features
  • Some types appear under 'Other'
  • Not all types in 5200+,5400+ range are searchable
  • For NT imgs and modern GPS devices higher, ie 10b00, ranges are also valid
  • TYPWiz5 gives the most up to date type range based on recent research

How to list fuel stations AND keep different fuel icons

There is a big problem listing all fuel stations and maintaining different icons for each fuel operator ( Shell,Esso etc ).
Garmin have solved this using EXTRA POIs - It still uses 2f01 as a platform and adds a reference to an extra poi - for more information see our Extra POIS page.

It uses this technique for hotels,banks,buildings etc


amenity=fuel [0x02F01 resolution 24 continue] # make this invisible

amenity=fuel & (operator=Shell | brand=Shell) [0x6800 resolution 24]

We can do the same for banks,tourist attractions etc