Best South Brent Walks

1 hour walks
Walk 1 (5.9 miles)Walk 2 (3.7 miles)
Brentmoor & Shipley BridgeBrentmoor & Didworthy

Two delightful walks with dramatic scenery following the meandering River Avon.

Point of InterestBrent Moor , Avon Valley
Point of InterestSpectacular Views
parkingoff Station Road, South Brent
parkingSATNAV Postcode: TQ10 9AL

Walk 1 Brentmoor & Shipley Bridge (5.9 miles)

South brent

A delightful 6 mile hike with exhilarating views.


The Walk

A This most pleasant & peaceful walk starts along the babbling boulder filled river Avon.
Take care from the car park not to cross the railway bridge but to use footpath (left at T junction) which descends and runs under another railway bridge.

B At Aish turn left past a telephone booth .The lanes changes into a track and steadily climbs towards Brent Moor.

CThis is an ideal place for a picnic offering stunning views of the South Hams stretching towards the coast.
You may wish to explore the moors further up although the paths are not that clear.

DNear Shipley Bridge It passes the ruins of a naptha distillery, where during the 19th century oil was distilled from peat.

E Return via the hamlet of Didworthy.

All paths are generally well maintained.


5.9 miles
2 hr 30 mins
tracks bridle/ paths
main roads
0 %
altitude range
119 312m
quality of track
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Map of Walk 1

 Walks near South Brent
One of our most popular walks following part of the Dartmoor Way along the river Ashburn.
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Walk 2 Brentmoor & Didworthy (3.7 miles)

River Avon


A short , easy walk and very popular walk along stretches of the tranquil river Avon.

It follows quiet lanes and public footpaths.

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Map of Walk 2