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Honiton a delightful old market town
1 hour walks
Walk 1 (5.8 m) Walk 2 (2.3 m)Walk 3 (1 m)Walk 4 (3.1 m)
OffwellNorth Honiton & River Town TrailLittletown

Four delightful walks from Honiton

Walk 1 Honiton to Offwell (5.8 miles)

A 6 mile walk to Offwell,famous for its fauna,particularly its bluebells.

You pass the Bishop's tower,an eighty foot tall square tower built by Bishop Edward Copplestone in 1828.

He was appointed Bishop of Llandaff in South Wales,and decided that if he could see his diocese from the top of the tower he would save himself the journey of having to visit it! He must have been blessed with enviable vision!

The walk includes a steady climb and crosses the busy Honiton to Dorchester Road.

busy crossingRoute crosses busy Dorcester Road
bishop's tower
2 hrs 20 mins
main roads
.2 mins
altitude range
  101 - 218 m
quality of track

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Church Hill,Honiton

There is one steep climb at the beginning.

Walk 2 Honiton North (2.3 miles)

Check out a collection of walks North of Honiton


Pay & Diplay Lace Walk Car Park

Walk 3 Honiton Town Trail (1 mile)

This is one of our 'Thirty Five Minute Walks'

A pleasant town trail visiting key historic places.


Pay & Display Lace Walk Car Park

Walk 4 Honiton to Littletown (3.1 miles)

A delightful varied walk that can be enjoyed at any time of the year. Explore several parks,including Honiton Bottom Community,& old town..

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Littletown Road

 Walks near Honiton: 

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Walk 1

Offwell woods,famous for it's fauna

honiton walk

Walk 2

Walk 3 Honiton town trail (25 mins)

Walk 4