Best Gittisham Walks

cob and thatch cottages
1 hour walks
 Walk 1 (3 miles)Walk 2 (5.7 miles)Walk 3 (3.4 x 2 miles)
 Bellevue Plantation Alfington Honiton

Gittisham is an old picture postcard village known for its cob and stone cottages .

The name is thought to come from Old English 'git', meaning 'heather', and 'sham', meaning 'settlement'.

Point of InterestVillage of Gittisham, Beech Woods
Combe House Hotel, renamed the Pig
parking Limited spaces near church
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parkingSATNAV Postcode:EX14 3AJ

Walk 1 Bellevue Plantation (3 miles)


Although steep in places this is a most rewarding walk in a most secluded part of Devon.

It takes you through beech woods , along the grand Pig Hotel park and past quaint old thatched cottages .

Gittisham Cob and thatch
  • The church , built in the 15th century, is worth a visit.
  • You'll find a statue of Henry Beaumont, who probably built the Elizabethan Combe House.
Bellevue in the distance

The Walk

AFacing the church , follow lane next to church keeping it on your left.
At the end of the lane, continue along a public footpath through a wooded area.

B Near som buildings bear left through a gap in the hedge then Right keeping the residential area on your right.

When you join a lane, turn Left.

You have a choice depending on the conditions.


Just after the farm, turn Right onto a public footpath and head to a house at the top then turn Left onto a bridle way (Landscore Lane).
Head towards towards the country lane you left earlier then turn Right.


Continue along the lane climbing steadily then quite steeply.

C Where it joins a wooded area, the lane snakes to the left then to the right.

DAfter 220 m, turn Right onto a public bridleway.
Continue along bridle way ignoring paths on your right.
Where a public footpath crosses your bridleway , turn Left and follow path until you reach a country lane.

EAt lane, turn Left.
Where the lane splits, turn Right and follow this back to Gittisham.

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FIn Gittisham, turn Left and continue back to church.

3 miles
1 hr 15 mins
tracks, paths
main roads
0 %
altitude range
98 - 236 m
quality of track
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There is a steady climb & a steep descent.

Walk 1

 Walks near Gittisham 
HonitonAwliscombe Feniton 

Walk 2 Alfington (5.7 miles)


A 6 mile circular hike to the village of Alfington using public footpaths , bridle ways and old tracks.

It follows part of the Exeter to Honiton long distance hiking route , which runs through Gittisham.

There are no pubs en route but the views are extensive and spectacular.

Part of Landscore Lane, the bridle way down towards Alfington, can become somewhat overgrown.

Alfington's little church is well worth a visit.

From this village there is a steady climb to Bellevue Plantation and a sandy track , in the summer flanked by wild flowers.

trafficStretches in Alfington have no pavement & the road can be quite busy.


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Walk 2

Walk 3 Honiton one way (3.4 miles)


This fairly easy and very pleasant walk crosses Roundball Wood and follows a scenic hiking route into Honiton.

There are several ways of doing this walk:

  • Walk to Honiton and take the 367 bus back - check for time table.
  • Walk to Honiton and return via Church Hill, Weatherill Road, Higher Brand Lane to Bottom Road, Roundball lane to the A375 and back to Gittisham.


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Walk 3