Exminster through Exminster marshes,a haven for wild life
1 hour walks
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  Marshes and Exminster Marshes and Turf Hotel Exeter Canal

Exminster Marshes form a unique breeding ground for various birds,including redshanks,ducks and lapwings.

Point of InterestRSPB nature reserve
Exeter Canal
Topsham ferry
Point of InterestTurf Hotel
parkingnear railway bridge - see map

Walk 1 Marshes and Exminster (4.7 miles)


This is an easy walk across the RSPB nature reserve to the Exeter Canal towpath.

Beware,swans might be nesting on the towpath.

Some tracks can get muddy during the winter.

1 hr 25 mins
main roads
0 %
altitude range
1 - 17 m
quality of track

Walk 1

 Walks near Exminster:
 Exeter Canal
The Quay is a truly vibrant part of Exeter with lots of cafes & pubs and a river abuzz with swans and boats .Three popular easy walks!
Just a delightful and gentle walk ideal for spring or summer through pretty landscapes and woodlands
Two delightful walks around Powderham castle.
Both do not require an entrance fee.
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Walk 2 Marshes and Turf Hotel (2.8 miles)

Exminster Marshes

This starts at the Carpark on right just across the railway line,nr the Swan's Nest pub - see map bottom right.

An ideal easy and short walk to the Turf Hotel,then returning along the canal.


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exminster turf hotel

Walk 2

Walk 3 Exeter Canal (3.1 miles)

Abandoned boat on Exeter Canal

An easy walk to the Exeter Canal exploring recently created paths through an old cemetery.

En route on the footpath along the A379 you may notice an old milestone ,inscribed 179 miles to London.

Notice the abandoned boats on the far side of the Exeter Canal

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You return below the impressive M5 viaduct.

exminster turf hotel

Walk 3