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Powderham Walks an idyllic village and a vast deer park
1 hour walks

Two delightful walks around Powderham castle.
Both do not require an entrance fee.

Walk 1 Powderham (3 miles)

Over the Top with wide views of the Exe and glimpses of a Folly ,then into picturesque Powderham & past its Church returning along the estuary & deer park (take cameras with you).

There is one steep climb.

Walk 2 Kenton Starcross (5.7)

This equally popular walk takes you south of Powderham and into Starcross.

Check out this walk:More Details

Powderham castle & Deer

Where deer peacefully graze

 Walks near Powderham Castle: 
CockwoodKenton Exminster 


Powderham Shops Car Park





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powcerham walk 1

Walk 1

classic car show

Powderham Classic Car Show in July