Powderham Walks an idyllic village and a vast deer park
1 hour walks
Walk 1 (3 miles)Walk 2 (5.7)
Powderham Kenton Starcross
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Two delightful walks around Powderham castle. Both do not require an entrance fee.

The name means marshy land (Polder ham)

Point of InterestPowderham Castle
Point of InterestPowderham Country Cafe
parkingPowderham Shops Car Park

Walk 1 Powderham (3 miles)

Over the Top with wide views of the Exe and glimpses of a Folly ,then into picturesque Powderham & past its Church returning along the estuary & deer park (take cameras with you).

There is one steep climb.

powcerham walk 1

Walk 1

Walk 2 Kenton Starcross (5.7 miles)

Powderham castle & Deer
Where deer peacefully graze

This equally popular walk takes you south of Powderham and into Starcross.

Check out this walk: More Details

Classic Car Show

Classic Car Show


 Walks near Powderham Castle: 
CockwoodKenton Exminster 



Walk 2

Powderham Classic Car Show in July