Dunkeswell rewarding walk to the ruins of an old abbey
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Dunkeswell church is famous for its Norman font and connections with President Kennedy’s elder brother,Lt. Joseph Kennedy,who took off from Dunkeswell and was killed during a tragic wireless plane experiment over the English Channel.

The airport is active and boasts a buffet carvery restaurant.

Point of InterestOld Village of Dunkeswell
Joseph Kennedy
PubsDunkeswell Airport
parkingNear Dunkeswell Airport

Walk 1 Ruins of Abbey (6 miles)


This pleasant but strenuous walk leads to the ruins of an old Cistercian Abbey.

dunkeswell abbey

Parts of the walk go through some very marshy fields,see map,and wellingtons are essential - even during a long dry spell!

The gps will take you uphill to another track and drier ground bypassing a badly maintained path which continues across the marshy area.

2 hrs 5 mins
main roads
0.5 %
altitude range
130 - 226 m
quality of track
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Walk 1

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Walk 2 Old Dunkeswell (2.5 miles)

dunkeswell church
Dunkeswell Church

This enjoyable walk revolves around the charming old Dunkeswell and its church which is well worth a visit.

It is home to a most unusual Norman font which originally belonged to the Cistercian Abbey and contains one of the earliest carvings of an elephant in Britain.

Mysterious Elephant
Mysterious Elephant

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Walk 2

Walk 3 Old and New (4.7 miles)


This pleasant walk combines the old peaceful village with the new one and includes two steady climbs.

It follows public footpaths and quiet lanes.

parkingFree Parking Culme Way,Post Office ('new' Dunkeswell)




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Walk 3