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1 hour walks

Bradnich ,tucked away between Cullompton and Silverton,is a charming town boasting several shops and pubs.

Bradninch footpath

Walk 1 (4 miles)

Although the walk contains one of the steepest climbs,the views and the well marked footpaths through rolling and remote land-scapes make it a most enjoyable experience.

The other option would be to reverse the route,starting with a steep climb past the church.

Point of Interest

Bradninch Town ,Views
Remote Countryside

4 miles
1hr 40mins
after rain
altitude range
59 - 230 m
quality of track
dog friendlyyes

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Bradninch car park

There is one VERY steep climb for 430 m.

Walk 2 Bradninch Town (2.2 miles)

Why not enjoy a short walk to explore the old part of Bradninch.

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Paths are clearly defined

Walk 3 Bradninch to Hele (3.6 miles)

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Walk 1



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