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How does my Garmin device show ALL the information contained in an OSM file?

Style files determine which pois,polylines and polygons are rendered. Most of us work with styles which do a pretty good job displaying MOST of the essential information contained in an OSM file. So, how can I ensure some of the perhaps equally important data is not lost,because my style files are not allowing for it?

1) Load an OSM file into OSM2Style; this will reveal all the different types of pois,polylines or polygons contained in the OSM file.

2) Load a style file, ie 'points', lines or polygons, and the program will check which types contained in the osm file are not included in the style file.

3) Question marks indicate 'not found in style'. Example below:

4) Click on 'Show Script.' Copy script and paste into the appropriate style file.


This means it will not be rendered unless I add:

amenity=hunting_stand [0 x type_number resolution 21]

to my 'points' file. I also have to check my TYP file if it contains a POI with the same type_number.

It has highlighted numerous pois,polygons and highways which are not found in my style files.

You will also notice that how some elements are unusually (ie incorrectly) tagged in the OSM and may not appear on Mapnik.!

Download vers 0.15 (sep 2011)