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Naptan & Bus-Stops

To display NaPTAN data use the following procedure.

1) Register for free with NapTAN: Login here .

2) Once you've got access to their data base select the area you are interested in.
DO NOT select 'all' as this will produce a single file too large to import.

3) Select xml format

4) Once downloaded load into Bus-Stops.

5) Enter an img number (8 digits)

6) Choose a type number for your bus_stop ; the program's default is :0 x 0200 to ensure priority. Remember to check your points style file and use TYPWiz to check if your type is included in your TYP file.
You can also have both OSM and NaPTAN bust stops, side by side, by giving the NaPTAN bus stop a unique type number and bmp in your TYP file .

image right - :NaPTAN : red buses, OSM:green buses

7) Click 'create img' .

8) Include this img in a gmappsupp.img to uploads to your Garmin

Note: Some OSM areas already contain NaPTAN data.

Download Bus-Stops 0.13

Bus-Stops PDF Manual