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Why have a convertor?

There is generally no reason to convert mp into osm files as you can simply strip the required POIs,highways or polygons from any mp file, say streams (0x18) or contours (0x20,0x21 etc) and resave them as a new mp file.

For those interested consider this :

  • Decide on your datum, ie WGS84.
  • Calculate the min and max latitude and longitude boundaries.
  • Establish how many nodes you need.
[POI] or [RGN20]
  • Convert POI types to osm equivalents ,ie &2f17 = bus-stop - this can be quite tricky but use img2typ.exe to help you.Our mp2osm convertor will highlight any POIs,highways or polygons which haven't been parsed . Just edit your conversion list.
  • No need to include all osm tags like,authorship or timespan.
  [POLYLINE] or [RGN40]
  • create a database of all coordinates.
  • Check which nodes are shared
  • Now work on your polylines or polygons. Establish correct links to each coordinate.
    Be aware : these references cannot and DO NOT tally with the IDs found in Openstreetmap
[POLYGON] or [RGN80]
  • see polylines


  • Relations are more involved.

For a more detailed description download the manual:

download manual

This gui has had to be withdrawn temporarily, as it was not meant for uploading to OpenStreetMap.