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Topsham Walks along the Exe estuary & Clyst bird sanctuary
1 hour walks
Walk 1 (2.7 m) Walk 2 (3 m) Walk 3 (1.2 m) Walk 4 (5.9 m) Walk 5 (3 m)
Exe estuary
Clyst Bird Sanctuary
Darts Farm Town Walk Exmouth & Bus Ferry
Turf Locks

Topsham's fabled Dutch houses were built using bricks imported from Holland as ballast.

 Walks near Topsham:  
Darts Farm Exton Exeter  

Check out our Exeter to Topsham Walk

Point of Interest Exe Estuary, Bowling Green Marsh
Locals call the town Topsam
Drake's Cottage
Drake's Cottage

Walk 1 Very Popular Walk (2.7 miles)

A delightful walk taking you through Topsham's shopping street, along the fascinating Exe estuary and into the Clyst bird sanctuary.

Storm Damage February 2014 .Path has been fully repaired
Storm Damage February 2014 .Path has been fully repaired

You pass Drake's Cottage & Topsham's Museum which is well worth a visit - entrance is free and the cream teas are delicious!.

Walk 1  
2.7 miles
55 mins
main roads
5 %
altitude range
  0 - 12 m
quality of track
map of walk 1
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parking Bowling Green Rd just beyond railway bridge

Walk 2 to Darts Farm (3 miles)

Railway Walk An ideal circular Train Trail from Topsham Station
new bridge near Topsham

Topsham to Darts Farm 3 miles circular walk using spectacular new bridge across Bowling Green Marsh - see map.

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parking Darts Farm or same as walk 1

Walk 3 Topsham (1.2 miles)

This is one of our 'Thirty Five Minute Walks'

This a short but most delightful walk exploring Topsham's attractions.

Walk 4 Topsham To Exmouth (5.9 miles)

You can walk from Topsham to Exmouth, following the recently completed cycle path. For more information click below.

Topsham to Exmouth (5.9 miles 2hrs)

Walk 5 Topsham Ferry & Turf Locks (3 miles)

Before you embark on this walk please check Ferry Times.

You find the Ferry off Ferry Road; look for a shed.

This is an easy walk, no hills but a few stiles, to the  Turf Locks (Hotel) pub, passing the   Swan's Nest and via Exminster Marshes Nature Reserve.

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Walk 1

Walk 2

bird sanctuary

Walk 3

Ferry & Turf Hotel

Walk 5