Best Shillingford St Georg Walks

1 hour walks
Shillingford Church

Walk 1 'Alphington Loop' (4.5 miles)


The walk follows the newly built foot/cycle bridge across the A379.

Foot/Cycle Bridge across A379

Today, we recommend this walk only to those who like a challenge . Some paths in the summer may become overgrown and great care has to be taken when crossing a busy A road !

The walk starts in a cul-de-sac off Shillingford Road, Alphington or St Georges Terrace at Shillingford St George.

It joins the Roman Road to Kingsteignton and climbs steadily to an impressive footbridge crossing the A30'
It then descends steadily into the charming almost sleepy village of Shillingford St George following country lanes, footpaths, bridleways, ancient tracks and the Orange Way.

It passes a 15th century church returning via a farm shop run by Shillingford Organics. and Shillingford Abbot.

Two centuries ago the main turnpike road from Exeter to Chudleigh & Plymouth used to run through Shillingford - this may account for its unusual width. Signs of tollgates have unfortunately disappeared.See old map below.
However, 3 milestones can be found along this walk:one near bus stop in Shillingford St George, one 150 m outside Shillingford Abbot, '2 MILES FROM EXETER" 150 m on right & one on left on Chudleigh Rd just beyond the bridge - see map.

busy crossingthe busy A379 has to be crossed twice - once without islands. This makes the walk unsuitable for young children.

Note:The foot bridge may not be ideal for acrofobia sufferers.

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Map of Walk 1

Walk 2 Dunchideoc (5.4 miles)


This walk starts at Shillingford St George and takes you deep into the foothills of Haldon to the medieval church of Dunchideoc; the village was recorded in Domesday as Donsedoc - dun (fort) and coediog (wooded).

The church, originated in 1308, is dedicated to St Michael.

You can catch views of St Lawrence Tower, one of the finest examples of triangular tower in the country.

On the way back you could drop into the Lord Haldon Country Hotel for some refreshments.

5.4 miles
2 hrs
tracks, fields
main roads
.5 %
altitude range
38 - 163 m
quality of track

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parkingShillingford St George St Georges Terrace

Map of Walk 2

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