Best Mincinglake Valley Park Walks

1 hour walks
Walk 1 (1 mile)Walk 2 (1.8 miles) 
Mincinglake CircularSt Katherine's Priory 

Mincinglake , a lake created by 'monikens' - see below - has become an ideal place for dog walkers.

The name dating back to the Anglo Saxons means A fish lake created by 'female monks', ie nuns.

The lake no longer exists and the priory is now a local community centre,

Point of InterestSt Katherine s Priory
Point of InterestSome extensive views of Exeter & Haldon
Paths can be wet
parkingSmall car park off Stoke Hill - see map
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Walk 1 Views & St Katherine's priory (1 mile)

Mincinglake Stream


A short walk along and across Mincinglake Stream.

The paths are well defined though stretches can become muddy after heavy rain.

Use map to extend the walk.




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Map of Walk 1

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Walk 2 Views & St Katherine's priory (1.8 miles)

Views of Haldon


The direction of this route ensures the best views of Exeter and Haldon.

Open spaces

When you join another small car park follow the service road to the main road. Cross over into St Katherine's Road.

After 110 m cross over onto a cycle path and soon or your left you will see St Katherine's priory.

It was  founded before 1159 and dissolved in 1539.

Return the way you came and once back into the park continue with the stream on your right following the Exeter Green Circle.

After 160m you can turn right and cross the stream ; once out of the woods turn left.

Both dam and lake no longer exist.


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Walk 2