Lympstone & A la Ronde estuary and a la Ronde
1 hour walks
Walk 1 (4.9 miles) Walk 2 (3.9 miles)
A la Ronde & Lympstone A la Ronde & Lympstone

Lympstone boasts a little harbour and unique brick clock tower ,'Peter's Tower' ,on the riverfront built around 1885 by W.H. Peters as a memorial to his wife.

The name means Leofwine's farm/settlement

Point of InterestExe Estuary & A la Ronde
Point of InterestThe Redwing Inn & The Swann Inn
toiletsLympstone Car Park
parkingSee below

Walk 1 A la Ronde & Lympstone (4.9 miles)

A la Ronde
A la Ronde
Railway WalkAn ideal circular Train Trail
Free National Trust Estate Walks

This popular walk can be done in many ways:

  • From Exmouth take the train to Lympstone and walk back (2.2 miles)
  • From Exmouth walk to Lympstone along the estuary and walk back via the new foot/cycle path (4.5 miles)
  • Do the circular walk.

The walk could start at Lympstone but access and parking is difficult.

Lympstone Harbour
Lympstone Harbour

The circular walk passes A la Ronde,a unique sixteen-sided house,now owned by the National Trust. This is well worth a visit.

busy crossingA busy road has to be crossed twice making it unsuitable for children

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Walk 1

4.9 miles
2 hrs
main roads
5 mins
altitude range
0 - 12 m
quality of track
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Mudbank Lane,Exmouth near entrance of path

Walk 2 A la Ronde & Lympstone (3.9 miles)

Path through Haldston Farm (Nat Trust)
New path meandering towards the Exe

A shorter walk using a recently opened National Trust path skirting the gardens of the exclusive Lympstone Manor passes A la Ronde ( a good place for tea) and explores the charming village of Lympstone.

To avoid crossing this very busy road 2x we suggest you park along the Exeter Road with car pointing towards Exeter (there are spaces along this stretch)

On the way back at the Esso station turn right.and return to car .

Pubs  in Lympstone:

Redwing Inn & Swann Inn

busy crossinga busy road has to be crossed twice.

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Residential ,Hulham Rd near foot path - see map

Walk 2