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Hembury Woods following a river through an ancient wood
Parke Estate
1 hour walks

Hembury woods lie between Buckfastleigh and Dartmoor.

Point of Interest

Hembury Woods ,river Dart

Hembury Castle (motte and bailey)

River Dart,Hembury Woods

Two delightful walks through this ancient oak wood and along a most attractive shallow river.

Access is best via Buckfast Abbeyfrom the A38. Drive past entrance to the abbey then turn right into Higher Mill Lane. At the end turn left into Grange Road. Continue until a T junction and turn right then almost immediately right again - it's signed Hembury Woods.

Add 2 x 1 mile if parked at the Abbey.

Walk 1 River Dart (1.9 miles)


There are very few places where the walker can almost 'dip' into the Dart and be truly spellbound by the magic of this most attractive river.

Salmon have been known to swim up the Dart since the middle ages.

This is fairly easy walk although some paths can be uneven.

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Free National Trust Car Park in Hembury Woods

Alternatively,Buckfast Abbey Car Park

Walk 2 Hembury Fort & River Dart (2.7 miles)


Hembury Castle ( signed 'fort') is really a neolithic earthwork - a great deal of cutting tools,hammers and sling stones were found .

It is one of the most serene forts you can imagine ,with grass carpeted paths flanked by lush fauna,a secret well kept!

This hill fort is not to be confused with Hembury Fort near Honiton.

Hembury Fort

Hembury 'Castle'

The walk stars from the main Car Park on Right - see map.

There is a steep climb to the entrance of the castle and paths are well maintained.

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2.7 miles
4.3 km
1 hr 10 mins
tracks ,footpaths
altitude range
50 - 170 m
quality of track
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Free National Trust Car Park in Hembury Woods

Alternatively,Buckfast Abbey Car Park

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map of Hembury Woods walk

Walk 1 along the river Dart


map of Hembury Woods walk

Walk 2 Hembury Hill Fort & River Dart

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